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What is your most favorite thing about Project-GC?

+57 votes
asked Sep 1, 2014 in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (153,010 points)
edited Sep 1, 2014 by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
DT Matrix, Badge Gen
Profile stats and challenge checkers!
all Features are brilliant :D
Would definitely have to be the bad logs....even though it's a rarely used tool....and it was broken for old logs (treating note logs as find logs, even messing up my find count in the profile stats) this tool makes sure you have an accurate find count on itself.
The Statistic and the challange checker ;)
The Stats and the TB discovering tool ;)
would have to be
1.Challenge Checkers
2. Statistics
3. Badge Gen ( I love using this to give me ideas on what my priorities might be)
Easy of use of Profile Statistics and also the challenge checkers. This saves so much time.

121 Answers

+1 vote
The projects are the most interesting for me in these areas:

1. Challange Checkers

2. Bange Gen

3. Statistics

4. DT Matrix
answered Sep 12, 2018 by medvedzl (1,780 points)
0 votes
I just like to look at my stats and comlare with my friends
answered Sep 15, 2018 by Vincentdotm (1,710 points)
0 votes
Mein Favorit: Statistiken ;-)
answered Sep 19, 2018 by RB2009* (220 points)
+1 vote
I check something on here atleast a couple of  times a week, so to sum it up; I think what I likes the most, is that as a primarily a phone geocacher, I don't have to bother with GSAK as project-gc offers most of what I would use GSAK for. :)
answered Sep 19, 2018 by MAS83 (1,970 points)
+1 vote
Challenges checkers !

map compare

tb log
answered Sep 20, 2018 by accoue (310 points)
+1 vote
Definately the beautiful maps in the stats, but the statistics + filters and everything is pretty neat as well
answered Sep 26, 2018 by crift (340 points)
+1 vote
Absolutely everything!
answered Oct 1, 2018 by Arrowrat (440 points)
+1 vote
We prefer the  Stats , the TB discovering tool and the maps of the districts of a country. Finder of D/T Caches we need. Thx
answered Oct 2, 2018 by Team Grautvornix (720 points)
0 votes
First the statistics, then the challenge checker. But many other features are helpful.
answered Oct 9, 2018 by eltopo00 (970 points)
+1 vote

Simply the immense amount of features/tools (and still we want more!).

My favourite tools/features are (in no particular order).

  • VGPS
  • Challenge checkers
  • Profile stats
answered Jan 9, 2019 by Chrysafenios (1,290 points)
0 votes
I enjoy the community page, county maps, discover trackables and challenge checkers the most.

I also get much use from the various filters applicable to the stats features.

Excellent resource and worth the money!
answered Jan 10, 2019 by TerraViators (8,720 points)
+1 vote

1. Challange Checkers

2. Bange Gen

3. Statistics

4. DT Matrix (tool to find caches for the fizzy)

Thanks for the awesome website!

answered Jan 10, 2019 by ormustr (4,030 points)
+1 vote
Everything, but PGC. Love it fot: 1. Statistic, 2. Badge GEMs, DT matrix
answered Sep 3, 2019 by Toothlesss (170 points)
+1 vote
Badge Gen
List caches not found.
Resulcue mission
answered Sep 4, 2019 by Ariberna (1,570 points)
0 votes
  1. DT Matrix
  2. Map Compare
  3. Profile Stats
  4. Discover Trackables
answered Sep 5, 2019 by Five D (170 points)
0 votes
I really like the statistics for difefrent Cachetypes. So I can fill my cachetype-matrix. And than I like BadeGen Tab and check if I get an new diamond or 2nd (or more) round Badges
answered Sep 5, 2019 by supertwinfan (15,580 points)
+2 votes

I only found and using this site a  for few months now  (i think my husband wishes i never did....wink)

I love the badge gen and the statistics. 

So now i am trying to get my badges up 1 level and doing a cache a day for 67 day's so far.... it drives my hubby crazy but luckily he also helps out doing caches in the city where he works so we can save caches nearby for when we have little time.

answered Sep 13, 2019 by PetjeOp (480 points)
0 votes
With so many great features, it is hard to choose just 1.  So I will go with 4 that I have really been utilizing a lot lately:

1. What I love most is the profile stats page and ability to link to D/T, hidden month, or hidden date needs.

2. I love the badge gen.  It creates a game within the game for me, and it allows me to set new and exciting goals for myself.

3. Challenge checkers and the challenge checker map.  I recently started getting into challenge caches, and I love how I can pull up a map of them and see which ones I qualify for immediately in areas that I am going to be visiting or potentially visiting in the future. Also this helps me to build my to-do list so that I can complete more challenges down the road.

4. Discover trackables page!  After an event, I really enjoy not having to log each trackable that I discovered individually.  One screen, one message, and many trackables logged...Awesome!
answered Sep 14, 2019 by Sagmoe (150 points)
0 votes
For me it is more and more helpful to fulfill my statistics goals.

What hidden month is needed and where is a working cache for that.

Caching in a new city (holiday, vacation or just far away tour) - most favorite points, caches fulfilling a goals or DT matrix or size matrix

And sure the personal statistics relative to other cachers with to found statistic.

So I'm total happy with and would miss it.
answered Sep 15, 2019 by supertwinfan (15,580 points)
0 votes

checker and BadgeGen are the most important issues for us.
answered Sep 20, 2019 by GoD_ArnDoran (650 points)