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+57 votes
in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
edited by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
DT Matrix, Badge Gen
Profile stats and challenge checkers!
all Features are brilliant :D
Would definitely have to be the bad logs....even though it's a rarely used tool....and it was broken for old logs (treating note logs as find logs, even messing up my find count in the profile stats) this tool makes sure you have an accurate find count on itself.
The Statistic and the challange checker ;)
The Stats and the TB discovering tool ;)
would have to be
1.Challenge Checkers
2. Statistics
3. Badge Gen ( I love using this to give me ideas on what my priorities might be)
Easy of use of Profile Statistics and also the challenge checkers. This saves so much time.

121 Answers

+2 votes
It started off as;-
1) Profile statistics - which made it easy to prove/disprove whether I'd qualified for a lot of challenges..... but then mutated into....
2) Challenge checkers which covered some challenges I really didn't want to manually check!.... and then I found....
3) Trackable logging.... which saved a lot of time too so I used it to explore....
4) The new TB rescue centre, already rescued one for someone!

Slowly getting to grips with other stuff on the site, but thats how my GCprofile has evolved.
by Charlie_Towlson (470 points)
+2 votes

Besides the obvious (great stats, map compare, etc.) I've taken a whole new liking to the Virtual GPS and the now ease of use while using the " + Project-GC" Tampermonkey Script.  Managing my GPX files now is so much easier.  

I also really enjoy using the PGC dashboard now as a launching pad for all things Geocaching.  yes

by Stewj (1.2k points)
+2 votes
Virtual GPS and any map function.

When I travel to a place I'm not familiar with, it is so much easier to get a good overview with a map. Especially when used with functions such as missing county or region or finding caches I need to complete another round on the D/T matrix. Very useful!

PQ:s are good too, but mainly for other purposes.
by Chrysafenios (1.3k points)
+2 votes
I like many of the functions that PGC provides, but to me what sets it apart is the way the admins/developers listen to the users and are willing to update and improve the site accordingly. Recent examples are the provision of English (UK) as a language, and resolving the UK counties issue. I feel that I can contribute to this forum and be listened to, whereas complaints on other websites make me feel like I'm just banging my head against the wall.
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
+2 votes
The profile stats, badge gen and challenge checkers.
by Tots4junts (540 points)
+2 votes
My favorite thing about Project-GC is that it motivates me in various ways to find more caches!
by Komlekar (260 points)
+2 votes
Maps and badges. Like it so much and checking every week.
by bibinko007 (240 points)
+2 votes
I  like  the profile  stats
And all  the  onther features
by team karstel (400 points)
+2 votes
My favorite is  Profile stat and the DT Matrix
by accoue (310 points)
+2 votes
Would have to be the BadgeGen
by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
+2 votes
Badge Gen, Belt Gen, Challenge Checkers and Maps (and Q & A, of course!)
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
+2 votes
For me, it is the map. Love how easy it is to customize to what you need/are looking for. What took an hour to narrow down in my state can now be done in minutes.
by TrendyMagic (1.7k points)
+2 votes

I only found and using this site a  for few months now  (i think my husband wishes i never did....wink)

I love the badge gen and the statistics. 

So now i am trying to get my badges up 1 level and doing a cache a day for 67 day's so far.... it drives my hubby crazy but luckily he also helps out doing caches in the city where he works so we can save caches nearby for when we have little time.

by PetjeOp (480 points)
+1 vote
The Profile Stats of course, and the most favorised caches (% and Wilson) to select best caches to not miss.
by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)
+1 vote
hide caches statistics
by mimh_de_benetnash (2.0k points)
+1 vote

When I started using "Project GC" (through a hint of another cacher), I first found the "compare maps" the most useful feature, because planning common tours with other cacher colleagues is made easy. At the end of the current year I liked to use the "de-GAP-ing" my 366-matrix, which worked through generating such calendar entries (appointments "Find a cache today"). Currently I'm surprised and much pleased with lots of challenge checkers and their capabilities and the possibility to extend them with new markers for new tasks. I also until now used only one time caches along a route with the very good filter capabilities in combination with the virtual GPS, which is very helpful for planning.

Overall and over the time I'm satisfied with the stats generating in background and easy binding to GC profile, the very fast reactions by ganja (seeing in the forum here and on the site at all), which took me (initiated through a merchandise action some months ago) to the decision of paying this service and trying to convince more cachers of this great service. All the time a found more and more usable features and I guess, I'll find more the next time....

by itsbrody (2.3k points)
+1 vote
I like all! I was a great fan of GSAK which I found also great and still use it. The online availability of pretty all functionalities of GSAK is a real plus.

The Virtual GPS is for me the thing I use the most, as I have plenty of hidden caches and load the list of all to maintain in the VGPS: It's easy to add when I receive a mail with the 'need maintenance' flag or I use the GC 'need maintenance' function or since few week a query who only warn me after 3 'not found' in place of one.

All together with ability to export, print and query is a great job I was directly ok to pay for

With new features constantly developped and the the dynamic around reported bugs, demands, & checkers, I'm quite curious and excited to see next steps. There is no doubt for extending membership next year
by Pepegeo (10.4k points)
+1 vote
Well, really, what is there not to love about Project-GC? I mean, it has all should have had in the first place. I'm using many of the tools on an almost daily basis, so I can't really name just one or two tools as the most useful ones. And it makes GSAK totally redundant. The fact that it's all in a web site instead of a computer application, makes it possible to check things quick and easy while on the go.

Communication from Project-GC is also really good, and I feel actually listened and answered to, which is great.

Team, please just keep doing what you are doing best - keep this site up and improve along the way.
by NLBokkie (3.3k points)
+1 vote

My most favorite thing about Project-GC (there are to much to choose one smiley) is the perfect LiveMap, but also the Challenge Checkers are really fantastic! Also the map for my DT matrix; I can find very fast all the caches I need for my matrix!

by The Travelcacher (630 points)
+1 vote

This is really difficult to answer.

The Profile Stats are something I regularily use, but could easily do without. I don’t have Windows® or GSAK, but I’ve already started writing statistics code myself (in Korn Shell out of all programming languages), and the best thing about that is that it uses a local list of found caches, in which I put those of all platforms, not just GS (but also OC, TC, and others).

The TB discovery tool is useful after attending an event, but also something I’d probably write myself using screen scraping, or maybe even the API, though it would put some pressure on me to finally learn how to use OAuth ;)

The maps compare feature is dead useful, but I only need it a couple of times a year at best. I don’t think I could do that myself. (I am a programmer, have been for 27 years, but my focus lies elsewhere.)

The Virtual GPS is something I really like, as it works much better than what GS has, especially as PGC’s site performance is much better than GS’ either, but I could probably do without.

Not exactly a “thing”, but I like how PGC makes discovering new goals easier – whether it’s “am I eligible to log this-and-that challenge already? (checker)” or “hm, I wanna cache, but don’t know where, let’s look at the tools (hidden months, D/T matrix, challenge finder) then decide to work towards one of them”.

And, finally: while I would be capable of implementing my own statistics, and have my own statbar already, PGC is a great source to demonstrate what’s possible (although (while I don’t know, as I’ve never ever seen GSAK, I suspect) most is probably inspired by other tools), i.e. a fount of ideas.

I’ve become PGC PM relatively quickly, while it took over five years for me to do that to GC.COM – and, recently, I’ve even donated a bit, to show my appreciation.

by mirabilos (2.7k points)