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0 votes
If I am a paid member and viewing stats for other people who are not, do those stats update daily like mine?  Do they see my stats updating daily or weekly?
in Support and help by den sure kalkun (1.1k points)

2 Answers

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Best answer

you see their stats at the last date they have been updated (weekly for non-paying people). Your membership status does not change other's stats. And they see your stats also at the last date they have been updated (so daily in your case).
by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)
selected by den sure kalkun
To be honest, I am not sure this is correct. But it might be. I should know since I have written it, but I honestly can't remember. There was a plan that users with a paid membership would always see max 1 day old, but I am not sure it actually works like that.

The Profile stats are waiting for a rewrite. The looks will be the same, it's just a rewrite of the rendering process. As it is today, it is extremely expensive in hardware to handle this, and there are ways we can improve on that front. So regardless how it is today, it might change. But we will keep the method that paying members gets theirs refreshed daily, and others weekly. We might also add a daily manual refresh for paying, and a weekly for non paying. But that is not yet determined.
0 votes
No, they don't update daily but they see yours as updating daily.
by Quiza (820 points)