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The Maps tab show the regions within a country where you've found caches, but the ones where you've found zero are simply not shown.  Personally I'd like to see those zeros, especially as there are lots of little ones that are hard to identify.  Took me ages to spot that a little gap in my map was Blackburn!

Perhaps a checkbox to toggle the zero-find regions on or off would be appropriate?
in Feature requests by den sure kalkun (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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That is already avalibel at tools/map region

My list of regions i Sweden has the line Gotland 0. The same is true for the counties map

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
It can be worth mentioning that Map Regions and Map Counties are for those with a paid membership only. But those interactive maps also has other useful things.
I'm talking about the maps tab.  The Map Regions doesn't have availability for the UK at the moment.
I am already a paying member, so I can see the Map Regions tab for those countries that have the full functionality, but not UK.
The Profile stats doesn't have regions for UK either, so changing the behavior in Profile Stats wouldn't help you more than using Map Regions?
But you are looking for a county if Blackburn or exactly "Blackburn with Darwen" was the answer to you search
They are available on the Map Counties if you are a paying member.

Geocachking regions in the UK are East Midlands, Eastern England, London, North Wales, Northeast England, Northern Scotland, Northwest England, South East England, South Wales,South West England, Southern England, Southern Scotland, West Midlands, Yorkshire
Firstly, the Profile Stats maps have links to counties within regions.  Only regions with finds show up.
Secondly, the "Top 25" list below the map omits unfound counties, meaning that it's not easy to see what the counties without finds are.
The answers being given seem to be "yes, but what information there is, is in the Map Regions / Map Counties page."  Ok, so that means you have overlapping functionality between the Map tools and the maps tab.  The useful thing about the map tab is the ability to drill down into a region.  You don't have that in the Map Tools.
Lastly, thanks for the list of UK regions and for the pedantry about Darwen, but it hardly answers what is a feature request.
I still don't understand. has a region-drilldown as well. You can chose UK/East Midlands for example.

I still don't understand what it is that you want to see in Profile stats that you can not see in
Ok, difference in terminology here.  You're talking about filtering the Map Counties by region.  I was talking about drilling down with a single click in the Maps tab.
The functionality in the Maps tab is better, more intuitive but lacks the data I was talking about.  The Map Counties tool has the data but is clunky to use on a phone- certainly not as simple as the one-click functionality in the Maps tab.
The way I use the Maps tab is to see at a glance where in the country I'm missing finds.  Perhaps this isn't the intended use, but it's good when I'm travelling.
My idea was that when you drill down on a region on the Maps tab you see the list of counties and the numbers of finds in those counties _irrespective of whether there are any finds there_.  Sorry if this was naive but I still can't see why that is so strange, even if you decide it's no priority whatsoever.
I you are traveling the the map region and counties map has a "follow me
" and "show me where i am" function the . the arrow and "placemark" icons on the left hand side of the map. The only thing you have to choose is your current Country
The map centers on your location and you can directly see if you are in a countie you have no logs in after you have zoomed in a bit