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How do I find caches for the pages I don't have for a Delorme Challenge us project-GC?

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I used the checker to see what pages I haven't qualified for but I don't know how to find what caches are available in that area.
asked Oct 13, 2015 in Support and help by butrflygirl (230 points)
Could you be more precise in your question?
do you search cache just 'not yet found'? or '
'challenge caches' not yet found ? or
one of these search in a specific region? what is 'that' area..?
I do a search for the MD Delorme and it shows me which pages I need.  I don't know how to find out the caches for those pages.
I too would like to see some way to find caches in pages I am missing. The other answer doesn't help me when I am in a big state that has too many caches. I don't hav c:geo since I have an iphone. And even with a map I don't know where the borders are for each page.

1 Answer

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I have not found a way to do this on Project-GC. Until a script is developed, I've been using GSAK to create lists of caches for each Delorme page.

I use the "map compare" to get all of the caches for a certain area, then select all of those caches and add them to "virtual gps". Then I export the virtual GPS cache list to a gpx file. This gpx file is then imported into GSAK.

In GSAK, I use a macro called "mapdelorme" to identify all of the Delorme pages for each of the caches in the list. At this point, you can filter your list by "found" or "not found".

What I do with this filtered list is export it to another gpx file and import it into c:geo on my phone. c:geo shows the Delorme page number on the Description page under "personal note"

answered Dec 29, 2015 by roy&annette (200 points)