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Hi Magnus & PGC Team,

since yesterday, there is 2 regions Île-de-France & Ile-de-France in France, for instance in top-down list of % favorised caches (and other top with regions).

The correct syntax is Île-de-France with the ^ . But this one returns no cache.

Thanks for your help :)
in Bug reports by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)
retagged by TofLaBeuze
I add : sometimes (with top logged caches), this is the uncorrect syntax that returns no caches...
I just saw another problem in french regions : "Franche-Comté" became "Free county", "Bretagne" -> "Brittany", etc., like they switched in english language !
Updated my post, the manual part of the fix has been made. Now it's just data processing left.

1 Answer

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We updated the French polygon data a few weeks ago. Seems like we did a sloppy job when doing it.

The problem here is that the names of the regions from has one naming convention and the ones we imported another. Ours are from Openstreetmap, and are probably an English version.

When building those select boxes for pages we use every unique region found for the country in the database. When and Project-GC has different names, these things happen. The should have the same names, it's important.

I will look in to this right away. I'll update my post when I know more. Regardless it's likely that it takes some hours before my changes takes full effect on the site.



Adjustments has been made and fixes are in progress. As you say, the names are in English.

When we updated the polygons for France, we did it with a new tool of ours. It used a field called name in Openstreetmap. We have now switched to localname instead. The affected countries are: France, Peru, Portugal, Belgium.

What will happen next is that we will update the calculated names for each geocache. It's almost 300000 geocaches that are affected. This will most likely take several hours. The system is currently looking at each geocache, using its coordinates to determine in what area it exists. That is quite a lot of processing. This is done for both region and county.

For the future we will have to decide when to use localname and not. It might make sense to use a more international name for those countries not using latin1 alphabet for example (think China, Japan ...).

by magma1447 (Admin) (232k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Thanks, the local regions are now back for France in the top-lists filters.
Problem resolved !