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0 votes
in Miscellaneous by Seppel&Stine (120 points)
Please give the gc code

1 Answer

0 votes

Thereare two checkers made for this challenge tagged by P-aus-L

One for Traditional caches and one excluding Traditional caches

by vogelbird (Expert) (52.6k points)
You should not tag like that.
The autorun system will flag from the result from one tag and the order of the is undefined. Both has to be OK not just one of them.
I suggest remove the GC code from the tags and post the links without them on the cachepage. If they are both used manually it can be ok but not when tagged with the gc code
I agree this should not be tagged like this and I don't tag them like this. In this case it is recently done by P-aus-L.
But this is not the only one. For instant the "Generic minute of degree checker" even the script writer is double tagging (see GC42KJV and GC45BNP) and even multi tagging (see GC45F80)
On other scripts I have come across this also.

This are bad examples for new taggers who copy this, but how do we stop this way of tagging ???? There should be scripts writen for this like your "Multi checker" ????