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0 votes
I like the clarity of the map i get from Tools/Map counties and would like a similar on countries.
Found countries green, Not found red.
Should not be hard to generate.
in Feature requests by ZawJaw (340 points)
I would also like to see this, pref. with an option to filer by continent.

Would be fun to see countries without finds stand out!

1 Answer

–1 vote
You have already that in Profile stat ...?

Is it only for paying members?

and also directly in stat

do i understand wrong?
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
You are not wrong! But..... :-D

I travel a lot of countries and would like to se clearly on the map the countries i have NOT been to and to make microcountries shine trough. Make San Marino obvious when looking at italy on the world map. I just liked the tools/map counties layout better than the one on the personal stats