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I already cached in Ireland and the UK. Until a few weeks ago when I last checked my maps on my Statistic profile the complete island of Ireland and the UK were green.

But now Northern Ireland is suddenly white again. I didn't actually do a cache in the North of Ireland but before it belonged to the UK.

So I checked the profile of another cacher who did several caches in Ulster, Ireland and it is white on his map as well.

So I guess it might be a problem with some of the latest polygon updates?

Otherwise where do I have to log a cache to get this area green again?
closed with the note: Issue has been fixed
in Bug reports by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
closed by NamelessGuy
Caches in Northern Ireland should be in Ireland according to groundspeek
It is "explained" at

Is is also discussed in the following tread.

But the bug of using incorrect borders for the island of Ireland still exist
I have cached in Ireland and North Ireland, but even then, the part of northern ireland is white
Yes the map renders Ireland incorrectly
(edited your answer when it is not a solution to the problem but a confirmation of the error)
I have finds both in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, but Northern Ireland is still white on my map...

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Releasing a fix right now.

The handling of Northern Ireland is a bit odd, and has caused us a lot of troubles. I don't really understand why our code did like it did now though. It's most likely that someone has pointed something out that did not comply with, and that we didn't really do the research and just trusted the user.

I hope our current fix is correct. According to, Northern Ireland is a part of United Kingdom. We faked the logged areas of a user and added only United Kingdom. Our new maps then made UK and Northern Ireland green in the world and Europe map. Then we changed it to be only Ireland, and then Ireland (except Northern) was made green. This seems like the correct behaviour.

Due to external data-caching it might take up to 10 days before this takes effect.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
selected by NamelessGuy
In today's statistics update Northern Ireland is green again on my map.
Thanks for the quick fix.