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+3 votes
Maybe not so useful for planning, but sometimes you are just curious and want to see all virtuals with 100+fp in Europe :) Or something like that.
in Feature requests by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
I like the idea, I have e.g. PQs for all webcams and virtuals in Europe, for which I had to select all the different small countries which I could get to by car. A predefined group "Europe" or "Central Europe " would be nice. Not sure if other continents would help so much...
I would have found it quite useful for the trip I just had to Europe. I ended up using the centre/radius option but would have preferred to be able to just select "Europe"

1 Answer

0 votes
+1. This would be useful for me too.
by NLBokkie (3.0k points)