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0 votes


Is there a checker for GC4RA3F


in Miscellaneous by Corinna&Andre (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I just tagged a checker for this challenge:


In the challenge description it is not described how to handle special characters ( '&' in your case).
by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
edited by NamelessGuy
There is a fault in the checker it gives a false positive.

The condition "Bei den enthaltenen Zahlen ist darauf zu achten, dass die Zahlen "alleine" stehen, also nicht Ziffer einer mehrstelligen Zahl sind.
Z. B. kann der "29. Stammtisch XY" nicht für die "2" genutzt werden." is ignored

The script will not handle this. It required a special adapted script.
Yes you are right. I am not aware of any existing script that could handle this exception yet.
Maybe it is better to disable the checker because of the false positieves.
Cachers are beginning to rely on the checkers without checking the conditions. should be more accurate. It correctly handles leading numbers.

Special characters in user names are ignored.

Please let me know if this is good enough.

Yes great now, it handles the numbers fine.
The only problem are the special characters in the cacher's name. these are still causing false possitives
now special characters are counted as well. This unfortunately makes this challenge almost impossible for anyone with a strange character in their name :(
Great, I think this is the way the co has set the challenge.

Don't forget to disable the old one otherwise the false negatives keep showing in the challenge map.
I hope so, and if not at least it is an easy change to ignore special characters.

I cant edit the previous tag, ganja or NamelessGuy need to do that.
Yes, your wright.
I removed my tag. Your checker should be used now.
Cool :) I think we got this one sorted finally :).

Now if anyone could do something about the weather, right now it so bad I can't even see across the bay and I havent cached in days :(.