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giga events not counted as events in challenge checkers using lillfiluren's script

0 votes
I used the challenge checker for GC4GAZW - Challenge Event and I realized that it does not take Giga Events into account thus making me have one country less when I run the checker.
asked Nov 22, 2015 in Bug reports by teamreddog (160 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

I think the tag (created by target.) is incorrect... it should have been 


    "key": "country",
    "limit": "3",
    "property": "type",

Unfortunately, I can't edit other authors tags on my script.

answered Nov 22, 2015 by lillfiluren (Expert) (2,160 points)
You sould be able to edit other peoples tags on your script. I can do it on mine
There is two types still missing that groundspeak considers event
the full list of event caches is
"Event Cache",
"Cache In Trash Out Event",
"Lost and Found Event Cache",
"Mega-Event Cache",
"Groundspeak Block Party",
"Giga-Event Cache",
"Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration"
The correct tag will be. I man not sure the last one works it had no short name but I think the core accept long full names

    "key": "country",
    "limit": "3",
    "property": "type",
    "propValue": "EVENT,MEGA,GIGA,CITO,LOSTANDFOUND,BLOCKPARTY,Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration"
Yes, I see now that I can when I'm on the script page. I was looking only at the search page...