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Would it be possible to create GPX files of archived Caches (Filter criteria should include a date range for the archive log, or something like "archived during the past 3 months")?

It would be helpful to get these caches in an GPX, as they are not included in Groundspeak PQs, and archived caches stay in my GSAK until I find them with some filter, refresh them, and delete them.

If I had a GPX file with archived caches, then I would import the GPX into GSAK, and as a result GSAK would have the update.

A wonderful extra feature would be, if I would get an archived GPX on all PQs that I receive regulary from Groundspeak. All I would have to enter is the time frame (e.g. caches that have been archived during the past 3 months). So the filter of my PQ would be read, and from that filter I would get caches that have been archived in the past 3 months. That would make it really simple to update GSAK!
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There exist a fast way to do it in GSAK. Use the "Status check" in " access" menu. Do a status check for all in current filter.  There is no limit on calls per day.
It is quite fast and 10000 caches took 4 minuses when I tested . Speed up with excluding caches with a resent GPX refresh date
A thing to notice is that locked caches are updated so if you have changes the status for some caches filter them out before status check

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If it might help, I know of a way to search for archived caches. Go to Project GC, click tools, Map Compare. Click Filter and select Show Archived/Disabled. Check both boxes, and run the search. Archived caches as well as active caches will show up on the map.
by MatthewCat (2.7k points)