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In the "BadgeGen" -> "Belt Information" part of my profile statistics, it says that I should receive "2 points per distinct cache type hidden". 

I am the owner of only one cache so far (an earthcache) but even though I have waited for the statistics to refresh for several weeks now, I have not received the 2 points for this cache placed. (All other stats have been updated). 

Am I missing something - do earthcaches not count towards this? 

Thanks in advance


in Support and help by Gataki_and_Dr_Al (220 points)
Your cache is also not shown on the live map.
The cache was published on 17/11/2015 but is not visited yet.

When I check other owners it looks that they are receiving their points
Strange... I'd not checked the Live Map before. It's definitely showing on the map.
That is correct but it looks like the cache is not  in the PGC system so the points will then not been registered.

I have seen this a few times with challenge caches which not had been logged.
But this was in March of this year and after the first log they appeared on the challenge map.

2 Answers

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Using the self-support system by clicking a support button, you can force Project-GC to get the data of your geocache, by adding the gccode to the system in the last field.

The normal behaviour is that we do detect new geocaches of course, but there are a few corner cases. Publishing a geocache with an old gccode increases the risk for this issue.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
selected by Gataki_and_Dr_Al
Really helpful - thank you! I'm still getting to grips with everything that Project-GC can do. Many thanks for your answer.
+1 vote
If the cache has not yet been logged it may be that we have not yet detected that you own it, and therefore not awarded the points for it yet. I have been given points for the earthcaches that I have hidded, so I can definitely attest that they do count.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)