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I have looked at the video and explored the options on the site but I am still unable to see how to search for caches that I need to fill my collected attributes shown at the end of my profile page.

I have both negative and positive attributes and need to find a cache that has a positive partnership attribute. There does not seem to be a search option that needs for example snowshoes, scuba gear or it is a tree climbing cache.

Am I missing this option or is that specific search not available?

Please note this is in respose to an earlier asked question but it has been put out as a new message.
related to an answer for: Search by attributes
in Feature requests by browni (430 points)

1 Answer

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In order to search for specific attributes you need to use Custom Filters (which is a feature only available for paying members of Project-GC).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (178k points)
Thank you for the swift reply.
Where exactly is the custom filter to be found? I have the Dashboard tab open which gives a number of options. If this is the page I need which tab will I need to use? Could you give me a link to the custom filter?
Custom filters are found under the menu with your username on it, at the far right end of the menu.
Please bear with my lack of experience on GC but what do I have to do next.
I have found and created a custom filter to look for my missing partnership attribute. What do I now have to do to search for and show these partnership attributes using the custom filter I created.
I would use the Map Compare page to make a search for your local state (or whatever geographical area) and then use add filter to add your custom filter to only show the caches that have the appropriate attribute.
That's it, just what I wanted to do. Thank you so much for your time and patience, much appreciated.