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+14 votes
I know there are lots of different geocheckers out there. Still i think PGC could benefit from implementing this functionality. This will generate more visitors/users to PGC and also a lot of interesting statistics can be presented to the user. I am sure this would be a very appreciated feature. I couldn't think of a better thing than the administration of my geocheckers is just a few clicks away here on PGC.
in Feature requests by SE81293 (1.3k points)

3 Answers

+5 votes

I can mention that I have offered to buy at a point. There was obviously no deal made.

Implementing a new geocheck-site is not of interest, I think there are way to many already, it would be the best if only one existed in my opionion. Also, creating a new would be months of work, and then probably 1-2 years before there was a good user base, even with Project-GC backing it.

Project-GC has a lot of things on its TODO-ilst, about 1-2 years of full time work still. Adding a geocheck project to that right now isn't the smartest move. There are good sites out there, we rather spend time on implementing what others don't have.

I agree that it would be nice to have everything at one place, and that is also why I looked in to it 1-2 years ago. But I do not believe it's a good strategic choice. Neither for Project-GC or its users.


And to make it clear. There is no official relationship between Project-GC and today. We just host the site on our servers. That whole thing started with that's provider just shut it of without prior notice. It was a bit of an emergency in the geocaching world and I acted. As a thank you I got quite a lot of referral traffic to my new site (Project-GC).

Besides the hosting by us, and the link to Project-GC at, there is no cooperation between the sites. Or well, I have made a lot of patches in, both for security and for performance. And I have also dedicated a mystery cache series in honor of It is a bit special, if you want to look at it, focus on the one with low D-rating first. Not #1 in the series.

by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
"months of work" - what do you mean? I can do it in a day (or, maybe, an hour). Or you mean some special features on top of checking coordinates?
+1 vote
The checker is already hosted by PGC (see at main page, below). But you're right, it could be more visible on the site.
by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)
+1 vote

Yes i saw that. That is unfortunate, the chance of a PGC geochecker is because of that probably nil. Don't think PGC will compete with another service hosted under the same roof.

by SE81293 (1.3k points)
Au contraire, mon seigneur. Magnus is hosting the best checker out there , it could be branded as the Project-GC checker, and an alternative url like project-gc\geochecker could also be used??