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+2 votes
How about a e-mailing option to send out caches published during the previous few days, like the event feature?

For example, every [sunday] I will get an email with all the [cache-types] published within [distance] km from my home coordinates during [last sunday to this saturday]. They would be shown on a map for easy overview.
in Feature requests by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
This can be done with a PQ, but only for "date placed", not "date published". Not a huge thing, but sometimes the review process takes a while.
You can also sign up on to get an email as soon as a cache is published.

This is might be best implemented as adding the "hidden date" field to the custom filters page. That should allow users to create such a query with minimal coding by developers.

2 Answers

+1 vote
That would take a tremendous amout of ressorces to allocate every geocachers location, the corilate distance and check for new caches and a weekly basis.  I am sure there is a simple algorithm to this, but rather or not the resources are availble to do that to hundreds of thousand of active geocachers, and caches is another story.  It would be nice to see.
by Cloak.n.Dagger (390 points)
I disagree about the resource cost about that To detect all new caches is cheap as cheep as displaying the live map and probably cheaper than the most stat pages
To locate all new caches in a square around you all you need is a fast SQL query with max min latitud and longitude and published date (or more precisely time added to database that probably exist or is cheep to add)

The data is also available in the API Caches publish in any 30 days intervall i possible to download.I uses it in GSAK to populate my database wit new caches.
I have only notice the use in GSAK and GDAK (android)
My idea was not to locate all geocachers, but only to do it for paying members of project-gc who sign up for the service and provide their own coordinates as starting points for the search.
I'd agree with Target it is just an extension of the events filter, in fact you can do this on the map compare page already (set hidden date range, choose centre point/radius) and that is pretty fast.

Also the numbers of new caches each day aren't particularly big - in January this year it averaged just 83 per day in the UK, scaling that up worldwide is still going to be manageable, plus you could probably make some great savings by optimizing the case where a group of caches in a series are published (and so geographically  co-located)
+1 vote
Thats really uneccessary. With the publish Mails from GC you get that every day. And with A pq you can make it weekly...monthly...whatever you like.
by Rumreisenden (3.7k points)
The PQ uses hidden date and not publish date. If a cache is published with a hidden date more then a month in the past you cant get them in a PQ with new caches