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Error in map of challenge caches

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When looking up the Map of challenge caches, and excluding Fulfilled challenges (so selecting "Fulfilled"), all challenge icons that have a checker show the red sign signifying I don't meet the challenge requirements. And that includes challenge icons for which I DO meet the challenge requirements.

When I deselect "Fulfilled", all shows good again. So I suppose this is a program bug attached to the "Exclude Fulfilled" check box?

As background on what I selected:
Location: Netherlands
Difficulty / Terrain: nothing selected
Cache name contains: nothing
Exdlude: Disabled, Archived, Fulfilled. Only the last one messes things up.
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asked Dec 13, 2015 in Bug reports by NLBokkie (2,730 points)
I can not reproduce this. I tested on my own account in the whole Sweden though. I looked at quite a few challenges on the map, and it was correct that I did not fulfill any of them.

To look into this further we would need a GC-Code of a cache that is wrong. A screenshot would be nice, but this far I don't see the use of it, but maybe further on.
Ganja ,
1. if you exclude "fulfilled", only the challenge with a checker which you do not qualify for are shown
2. if you exclude "not fulfilled" all the checkers which you can do qualify for are shown including the one's you have a smiley.(found)

from the text "fulfilled" you would expect this to cancel out the once's you already have a smiley for so you can see in one glance which challenges you can do.

This is however not the case, so maybe it's a translation problem?
I have read it again, and honestly still don't get it. I also asked Hans to read it, who does most of the support. We are still confused. :(
It's easy to explain if I can upload some pictures. Hang on, and I'll try to do just that and give comments on those pictures.

1 Answer

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So first the image with "Exclude: Fulfilled" switched off.What I see in the image is exactly what I would expect to see:
- Some challenge icons with no checkers (on a hemp coloured shield),
- Some challenge icons with checkers where I do not fulfill the challenge requirements (on green shield, with red "stop" sign),
- Some challenge icons with checkers where I do fulfill the challenge requirements (on green shield, with green "V" sign),
- Some of these challenged, I've already done and found (with the smiley sign).
All this shows as I expect it to show. So no issues here.

But when I mark "Exclude: Fulfilled", I would expect to see the very same map, but with the caches that have smiley signs on them removed. Because I have fulfilled those challenges. But what I get to see is this:

What I would expect to see now, is only challenges that have no smiley sign on them. As I have already fulfilled and found these challenges.
But some of the challenges with smileys still show, though not all of them. Also, none of the caches where i fulfill the challenge requirements show - I don't get to see any caches with green V's.

Now what I'm wondering about is this. I've expected "Fulfilled" to mean having fulfilled the challenge, but also found the cache. So having found the cache as well. This would be all caches marked with a smiley sign.
But apparently "Fulfilled" here means challenges where I fulfill the requirements, regardless of the fact if I have or have not found the cache to go with the challenge.
So maybe this is just a mis-interpretation by me of what "Fulfilled" is supposed to mean in this context. And if that is indeed just the challenge requirements (without having to have found the cache to go with the challenge), then I'd like to see an option to exclude the challenges where I have already found the cache (aka the challenges with a smiley sign on them).

I hope the issue I see is clear now? Thanks for your help!

answered Dec 16, 2015 by NLBokkie (2,730 points)
Sounds like it's your interpretation of "Fulfilled" which doesn't match.

"Fulfilled" in this context means that you have met the challenge conditions (according to the checker), whether or not you have found the cache. This is useful for (for example) people who are travelling and want to know if there are challenge caches in the area they're travelling to which they can simply go and find. The exclusion of "Fulfilled" challenges would probably be of most use to people looking to set themselves a new challenge, by finding challenge caches that they don't yet qualify for.

I don't seem to see your images, so I'm assuming the challenges you're still seeing with smileys are ones without checkers.

I agree with you that another option to exclude "Found" challenges would be useful, but the options available seem to be working as expected at the moment.
Maybe the wording can be changed then to make sure that "Fulfilled" is understood in the right way?