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Is it possible to create a checker for GC38GG2 ??

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asked Dec 16, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Nov64 (120 points)
Yes it is and is done with the GenericPolyChecker checker.
A config file has to be created. It is not hard bur a bit tedious because there is 100 quads and 121 coordinates
There tedious part is that the coordinates on the quads are not in WGS84 but in NAD27 datum and they have to be converted for example on
If you convert all coordinates to wgs 84 and put them in a spreadsheet and also adds the a list of the name of the quads I can convert them to a config. That is easy to do in the sheet.
If you like to do that please contact me so i can expland a appropiate format
The map overlay on the challenge page is by the way incorret. the quads on it are not the same as on the topo maps at

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