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would it be possible to create a checker for "GC3B3HC". It is the same problem like "do I found a cache in every state of a country". The onliest difference is that the administrative level is one level lower than the "county-level". All the necessary polygons are stored in OSM in a very good quality. If it is a generic checker (in case of cache typ) it will be possible to check "GC45DWX".

Thanks a lot

in Miscellaneous by smellfooth (4.3k points)
Is the challenge to find a cache in all districts of Dresden county? Is Dresden a county or a region (in PGC-terms). What admin_level are the districts defined as in OSM? I have a tool to extract areas from OSM, but it currently only extracts all areas in a country... and a script to validate caches in polygons, so I'm sure it is doable...
It seems that the Dresden area is admin_level = 6 in OSM, but I can't find any admin-level that corresponds to the areas in the map in the cache using Level 9 is still too large, and there are no more detailed levels in that area.
Your are right - the challenge is to find in every (64) districts of the city Dresden a cache. At the moment I can't check the admin_level, because the internet on the Easter Island is slower than slow. Maybe it helps you if I provide you a name of a district "Trachenberge". Hopefully this information helps to detect the right admin_level.
As far as I can see, trachenberge is only a place in osm, not an area...

Hmm, easter Island... Cool!
would it be helpful, when I will provide the polygons of the districts of Dresden? Will take a while, but I think I'm able to provide. Do you can read *.shp or do you prefer another format?
as long as it is a text format with coordinates in some understandable way I'm sure I can make sense of it, I have a parser for three different formats already that outputs the required code in lua syntax. Where will you get the polygons from? are they in OSM or not?
okay, good to know. I will provide you the polygon in a textformat. The source will be the OSM. I ask a friend of me (with a fast internet connection) and he told me that the boundariers are stored as line. He will extract the lines, create polygons of these lines and will add the district lines. Greetings from somewhere in the Pacific
shp is a binary format, but if you guys need, I can help convert shp to geojson using qgis. I am quite used to that and know exactly what to click, has been needed for a few of the polygons for PGC.

2 Answers

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Sounds like a mission for lillfiluren and his GenericPolyChecker, I will try to remember to poke him about it.

The checker is originally written for the delorme-challenges, but this is quite the same. Just that the polygons needs to be extracted as well.

by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
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Hi Lillfiluren,


I got the bondaries as KML-file. Where I can store the data?
by smellfooth (4.3k points)