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+6 votes

I'm not sure that the translation activity in Crowdin is taken into account in PGC points computation ? In one hand, it would be fair... in other hand, it may be difficult to import this kind of Crowdin data into your databases ?
in Miscellaneous by TofLaBeuze (5.4k points)
edited by TofLaBeuze
I was wondering exactly the same!

2 Answers

+6 votes
Best answer

Sadly not. There are two reasons to this, which we would like to solve:

  1. There is no connection between the names/accounts on the different sites. Which makes it impossible to auto-match.
  2. There is no way to automate the process of seeing who has translated how much. So if #1 worked, we would need to grant the same amount of points to the one who translated one string or one word, as the one who translated one thousand strings.

If there was a good way to do this, we would without a doubt do it. It is something we have spent quite some time looking into.

by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
selected by TofLaBeuze
+1 vote

Just like Magnus, I also see two alternative solutions

Solution 1: IF translator Then Badge= Diamond ;-)

Solution 2: The "feel good" is enough reward in it self, no need for a badge..


K.r. Niels
(DK Translator - But you probarbly allready figured that out wink


by oz9els (1.8k points)
I like your solution 1 :) But you're completely right, the "feel good" is enough, of course.
I wouldn't mind giving a huge point addition to those with a fair amount of strings translated. But there are also many who has 1-10 strings. It would be an easy and unfair way to get diamond.

Those writing checkers now are getting a pretty nice point boost, so I would really like this to work, but I can not see any solution at the moment.

And about your first one. There is still the issue that I do not know who the translators are anymore. In the beginning it was easy, since the project wasn't open for anyone to translate. But now there are over 100 translators, more than 50% of them do not have the same name on and That combined with that it's not possible get any reports via the API makes it a lot of work to handle this.

Last time I sent coupon codes to the top translators, I spent a few hours on that, due to lack of automation.
Don't worry for that, really, it was just a question. Coupon codes have been very appreciated, thanks Magnus.