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Could a checker be made for the "I've been everywhere Texas" challenge? GC1G0CX

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This cache requires a cache in a given list of cities across the state.  Can a checker be created for this cache?
asked Jan 3, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Winstonsdad (120 points)
I can create a checker based on the OSM (open street map) boundaries.
Is it allowed to use these by the CO ??
It can if there is possible to create polygons with the borders of the cities and check for logs inside them. If the borders exist on the OpenStreet map it is not that hard to extract.
But they have to be correct. The CO might have to be asked if a dataset is ok

If the requirement that if there is no caches in a cities log the nearest is still valid for any city it cant be checker for. No way to detect the nearest cache. Someone have to maintain a list manually and that is hard to do with new caches and archived caches
He suggested using the zip code for the cities, so I think (will have to verify with CO) if a cache is within the zip code of a given city, it would be acceptable.
How do you convert the coordinates from a cache to a zip code without using any web services?
The only way I can thing to do it is look at polygons with borders of the zip code.
Does data like that exist?
I have no idea how zip code areas is define. I suspect it is defined that an adress has a zip code. Does forest area have a zip code else all caches will not have zip codes.
I don't know how zip codes are defined either.  Maybe it's more trouble than practical!  Thanks for your thoughts.
You could ask if the borders on Open street map is ok. If zip code lookup for a coordinate on the web is ok the borders on OSM is probibly as good as that
That is if they exist on the map. Take a look at it and see if you can find city bordes on it.

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