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Hello all,

I made use of notification for point, events and images added to my caches.

It would be great to define a window to allow or not notification (may be it exists, but i don'tknow where):
I'm happy to receive a notification for a new cache in my region (done by but less happy when a notification come to me early in the morning to just say that there was new images added to my caches.

Could it be possible to define accetable window to be sent such notification, or could it be easier to define a trigger time for the check?

As events and points are also thinks that doesn't need direct response, it could be nice to have such parameters for these as well.

To all, you advice on that? To application owner, is it easy? possible to be added to enhancement?

Thanks, have a good day, good new year of geocaching!
in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
You get the information by email, don't you? You receive the email on your smartphone or tablet? Or is there a native project-gc-app?

Just for me to understand the question.

2 Answers

+1 vote

Hello and happy new year to you and to everybody. 

I understand your concern completely. smiley I went through the same "complication". First of all I have realised those notifications come from a different time-zone. Usually in the morning hours (for me). The same is with the GC HQ newsletters. Started to think about the solution, I found out, there are basicly two solutions: either you change the mailbox address for the PGC to different from the one for GC (to the one, which is not ringing your phone as loud as the incoming newly published geocaches wink or logs on caches owned by you - this is however a bit uncomfortable, if you want to have everything concerning the GC stored at one place) or you set up the time frames for all of the incoming notifications right in your mobile deviceOr... there is one more solution, which I got used to... If I'm in a mood to wake up for the FTF, than I keep my phone right at my bedside. And if I'm not, than it stays in another room... cool

by Guru Joe (1.6k points)
0 votes
I understood that you want to choose the time when these notification mails are being sent, is that right?
You can choose the time when to read them, you don't have to read them immediately after they arrived in your mailbox.
Or you could configure a filter in your e-mail program that moves those mails to another folder, if they disturb you in the main inbox... Some programs even offer different alerts for certain mails. Then you'll know at once that these mails are not urgent...
Maybe this could be a solution for your problem?
by tadaima (12.5k points)
I imagine the problem is that phones are often setup to alert on new emails, and phones are often kept on the bedside, this creates the irritating setup that notifications can occur in the middle of the night and if you are unlucky/sleeping badly can wake you up. Having a blackout period during which project-gc queues up emails rather than delivering would be nice to alleviate this, however it would probably add complexity to the project-gc infrastructure/code unless the mail delivery daemon can do it natively.