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+8 votes

with increasing number of non-country souvenirs, country souvenirs are in minority and losing between others.

In statistics, I suggest to sort them to groups.

For example:

  • Countries and states
  • Events
  • Special dates
  • ...

Or just:

  • Countries and states
  • Other souvenirs

According to the pinkunicorn's announcement, data for categories are available.


in Feature requests by Froggiewalker (220 points)

2 Answers

+4 votes
Well, data for categories is available in the checker I refered to. That's not quite the same thing as it being available in Project-GC as such.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (194k points)
Thanks pinkunicorn,
therefore grouping souvenirs in profile-stats would require migrating these data to Project-GC as such.
How is it categorized? Do You have to decide every single souvenir personaly, or can it be found somewhere on groundspeak side?
That's the problem: you have to keep manually categorizing every new souvenir. Groundspeak's site doesn't even have a complete list of all the released souvenirs, I think.
+3 votes
It is correct as pinkunicorn says. There is no complete list available. That's why we created , which is a list of souvenirs we know of. Made from data of which souvenirs users has achieved.

Also as mentioned, there is no grouping at, and maintaining groups on new souvenirs at Project-GC will mostly make it weird. I am sure that Groundspeak has some thoughts about how Souvenirs will develop in the future.
by magma1447 (Admin) (241k points)
Countries, states, mega & giga events and others would be categories that are easy to categorize souvenirs into.

The others category would be a pretty varied bunch, but it would be better than nothing. In others would then be things like places (HQ, original cache location), APE cache, special dates (leap day, 10-10-10, IECD,etc), special periods (CITO weekend, Maker Madness, etc), the summer promotions, WWFMs, ...
Thanks for Your reply Ganja,
still, I think it's not impossible to take over grouping system from pinkunicorn's checker and perhaps make it user contributed.
But I understand, it would be difficult and would arise many questions. So, this is more Groundspeak task (which means it will never be ready :-) ).
By the way, I've got 404 on the link You sent.
Hm, that list wasn't publicly available, we will add it into the menus soon then. Something that was just missed.
This extensive (but possibly not complete) list may be of use to compile or complete your list: