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+3 votes

I found an irritating minor issue in creating custom filters. What I did:

  1. selecting menu item "Custom Filters"
  2. selecting new
  3. giving the new (filter) a name; adding some filter attributes
  4. saving the newly created filter
    (back in seeing "current filters")
  5. selecting one another of the "current filters"; selecting "edit"


FIlter name has the content of the previously created new filter

Statement seems to be having the content of the filter I wanted to edit.

Don't know what happens, when saving this; if this maybe destroys one of the filters. Please check



in Bug reports by itsbrody (2.3k points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
Where is the 'Custom Filters' menu item? I can't see it
by Delta68 (140 points)
It's in the menu bar below your name. Don't know if this is a "premium" menu item only. Does this help / are you PGC premium?
Custom filters are only available to paying members.