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After logging my finds of my trip to Curacao in the Caribbean Sea I discovered, that there aren't any maps that are displayed. I can understand that a small country like Curacao doesn't need an own "Country map", but why isn't there an overview e.g. for Central America with Caribbean Sea, similar to the overview of Europe?

I think I am not the only one who would appreciate that map in the profile statistics :)
closed with the note: There is a map now that covers the region of Central America and the Caribbean Sea :)
in Feature requests by FerrariGirlNr1 (480 points)
closed by FerrariGirlNr1
Yes, I would say this is a good point, some of these countries are really difficult to see on the large map.
Digging up the topic!
Same observation for Guadeloupe island. Overwise, Martinique is ok.
There are so many small islands with their own country points which also simplifies the overview of the missing countries / islands

1 Answer

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I've discovered that my topic is solved. There is now a Northern America map included in project-gc which also displays the caribbean states:


Therefore I close this topic :)

by FerrariGirlNr1 (480 points)