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+33 votes
2016 is a fresh new year full of geocaching possibilities. Do you have any special goals that you are planning to fulfill during 2016?
in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
retagged by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
My Goal was to reach 1000 which i would reach this weekend. By now i think it would rather be reaching 1200 Caches ;)

74 Answers

+4 votes

I have way too many goals :)

But the one I really will try and complete is to log GC533FZ, 200 mysteries challenge

by endator (3.1k points)
+4 votes

I plan to complete min. 300 founds (254 actually), visit more events and for special caches in Northern Germany. And I try to find one cache per day and fill my 81 matrix.
by Dancingman81 (250 points)
+4 votes

I am going to join this geocaching madness this year again.

I want:

  • (finally) complete my calendar. Yesterday I finished one day, February 26th is the last missing. (Checked 26.2.)
  • hide another nice cache (Checked 16.10.)
  • post more photos to my logs (well ... I posted some)
  • achieve better then Gold PGC Badge this year (Checked)
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
+4 votes
My geocaching resolution for 2016 is to complete the 360 degree challenge based from my home coords.     I have 14 degrees in which I have never found a geocache.   I want to fill those cones in.  As noted in another thread, project-GC does not have anything to help with this goal (yet) as it is not for an existing challenge cache.   I am using GSAK and a couple of its macros to track/complete this resolution.
by Starkacher (1.5k points)
+4 votes
There a several tasks for us:

- to complete the 1000 caches till summer with a special cache

- to improve the matrix

- to take part in mega- and/or giga-event

- to place a reverse-wherigo
by LaLaReCaLa (230 points)
+4 votes
I'm trying for challenges this year, identified most of the ones within 100 miles and am slowly working towards them, the 100 for each date, the 100 per month, the DT grid, the 366 dates grid, the CM spelling grid. There are over 100 that I've qualified for and over 100 to work towards. Hopefully I'll actually be able to pick some of them up as well as qualify for them!
by Charlie_Towlson (470 points)
+4 votes
Simply log my 1000th "found it" on my first mega event !
by mimh_de_benetnash (2.0k points)
the same for me
+4 votes
Things I working on this year,
1- Moving up a level with FTFs 10 more to go.
2- Having 3 or more find per calender day, would like to work it up to 5 over time. and who knows from there.
3- Find mroe letterbox and multi to have 100 finds each.
That should be enough to keep me busy for a while.
by jimandjoanne (230 points)
+4 votes
I want to get to at least 3000 caches, maybe even 3500 (currently on 2552). I also want to get up to 100 events attended (currently on 68), attend at least 10 CITOs this year (1 already attended), and find as many webcam caches as I can.

Oh, and enjoy myself while I do so! :)
by Paperballpark (11.5k points)
+4 votes
I'd like to increase the number of countries visited. Maybe I'll get the next badge level? I need 7 countries to get it done. Maybe baby:)

The other goal is to grab a 5/5 cache finally.
by piona (230 points)
+4 votes
Having 1000 founds by the end of the year.  Currently I have 411.
by Ral&Zoon (230 points)
moi aussi je suis sur cet objectif et je pense le faire cet été avec des méga events
+3 votes
I'll try to get 1000 finds (have 575 until now).

I'll try to get more finds in D/T - Matrix (have 55 - target 65)

I'll try to cache in 4 other countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France)

Getting an orange belt.

Not very much, but that's all for a Cacher like me with limited time because of my job.
by Joker96 (2.4k points)
+3 votes
Good idea. :) Maybe writing the goals down will help me to finish at least some of them. :)

1. To find a cache that is higher than 3000 m (and to get to it by foot, no shortcuts with cable)

2. To host a CITO event and make some place cleaner

3. To visit at least 3 new countries

4. Round my T5 to one hundred :)

5. At least one FTF in 2016 :)
by ufemezumici (460 points)
+3 votes
Attend an event in Canada.
by Bigmada (520 points)
+3 votes

Quite late to answer now since 2016 has started. But some of the goals I have been thinking about lately:

  • 9+ finds on each calendar day. Currently only missing 35 dates.
  • Diamond Badge for finding Wherigo's.
  • 500 finds in Malmö (the county where I live), for a challenge. This was achieved 1-2 weeks ago.
  • 1000 finds i Lund (another county, currently at a bit over 700), for another challenge.
  • Complete the 360 degrees of Sweden, which I own and won't log.
  • 100+ finds on each calendar month. This is for yet another challenge. January and February is completed. March won't be a problem. After that I don't need to worry until November/December. I assume the hard part will be to remembering it, and not actually doing it.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
+3 votes

My goal is just to have fun with geocaching! 

My long term goals are to make my Finds by found date calendar completely green ;-)

by Aventurijn (580 points)
+3 votes
Mon objectif principale est d'avoir du plaisir à dėcouvrir et mieux jour avec project et geocaching, et plus prėcisėment :
- creer une association de geocacheur pour partager des expériences avec une salle municipale pour des éventé mensuels...
- collaborer pour trouver des matrices difficiles D  5 4 / T 5 4 ...
- participer et répondre à vos questions
- augmenter les badges en voyageant ...

Et ça  fera déjà beaucoup
by Chup'a (11.2k points)
+3 votes
Having just cached for a little more than one year sofar, I hope to continue having fun, meeting interesting people, seeing new places and learning new stuff.

I also have set the goal to complete the D/T matrix this year, as well as earning a few jemstone badges.
by Hairfoot (210 points)
+3 votes

My primary target is to have a fun and take our son for geocaching as much as possible, but when it comes to numbers for 2016 I have following goals:

  • 4000 found caches
  • 3000 traditionals 
  • 600 unknowns
  • 200 multi-caches
  • 80 EC
  • 65 events
  • 50 WiGo 
  • 15 letterboxes
  • 5 virtuals
  • 5 webcam caches
  • 2000 micro 
  • 1000 small  
  • 500 regular  
  • 50 large  
  • double D/T matrix 
  • blue D/T matrix  
  • 60 fields of green D/T matrix
  • 40 fields of yellow D/T matrix
  • 50 D5 and at least 2 of them abroad
  • 50 T5 and at least 2 of them abroad
  • 5 D5/T5 
  • log 15 challenges
  • 70 pieces of GeoPuzzle
  • 5 Geotrophies in 2 more countries
  • 90 souvenirs
  • 280 degrees of Czech Republic
  • complete Finds by found date calendar (completed 2016-02-29) and do as much as possible to double and triple calendar 
  • complete Finds by hidden date calendar
  • get 170 Finds by hidden month
  • place 12 more caches (I would like to place cache or make an event for every 100 caches I find)
  • make two EC
  • place a WiGo with original cartridge
  • place a  Letterbox
  • make an event
  • make a CITO
  • finish my challenge series
by rabmoor (2.8k points)
+3 votes
  • First of all: I plan to have fun :-)
  • Fill up my finds by found date calendar
  • Fill up the list of German countys with a find
  • Add some French regions with a find
  • Get an answer from the BadgeGen developer to my request to invent County-Badges after month of waiting ;-). Anyone knowing him personally?
  • And at last: have fun :-)
by E.U.S.A.L (910 points)