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I can already check how many favourite points have been awarded to caches hidden between certain dates, but there doesn't seem to be a filter for FPs between certain dates for all caches owned.
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in Support and help by Paperballpark (11.5k points)
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You can see it on
If you point on the line you will see the date and number of points.
It it not a toplist but the numbers are there

1 Answer

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This isn't possible as it works today. Calcualting this live is a quite high cost in resources. The Top favorite points received would be the top list to add this to. But I just checked, and it's using aggregated data. In other words, it doesn't know about the dates of the logs, and adding that into the mix would make it unusable.

by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
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Ok, no worries, thanks for answering!