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At one can read that work is being performed on upgrading the Livemap to handle corrected coordinates.

Anyone in here knows the status for implementation of corrected coordinates on Project-GC Livemap?

Best regards

in Feature requests by tognisserne (220 points)
The line in live map info is "Turn on/off corrected coordinates"
Corrected is always used on live maps the missing function is to turn them off like it is possible on other maps.

2 Answers

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You have to enter the corrected coordinates into the geocaching note, then PGC will find them. If you use the function to edit the coordinates on the cache page, PGC cannot handle it always.

It works great.
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
selected by tognisserne
How are you meant to enter corrected coords in notes? I've tried and it's not updating on the SolvedMysteries map. Thanks!
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It works, at least for Premium members as described in the page about Solved Mysteries:

Your solutions are gathered in two different ways. First off they are parsed from your cache notes. Secondly they can be found from corrected coordinates on Mystery Caches and Multi-caches. But sadly the Geocaching Live API does not support the retrieval of all your corrected coordinates with one single call and neither can it report which caches you have corrected coordinates for so we can retrieve only those. This is possible for cache notes, so it's only that way we can find all your solutions.



by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)