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Can a checker be created for GC5KGWP? Thanks in advance.

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asked Feb 1, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Smiling Duo (260 points)
How do you verify the condition "Found 100 caches in St. Paul Parks.". Do you have polygons of all the parks? Otherwise I don't know about any other way to verify it.
Can you confirm that this is the list of all the parks in St.Paul.

Alden Square Park
Aldine Park
Alice Park
Ames Lake Park
Arlington Arkwright Park
Bay Triangle
Belvidere Park
Bluff Park
Bluff Preservation Area
Bohland Triangle
Boyd Park
Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary
Burns Avenue Park
Cambridge Triangle
Capital Centre Plaza
Capitol View Park
Carty Park
Cathedral Hill Park
Cato Park
Cayuga Park
Central Village Park
Cherokee Regional Park
Chestnut Plaza
City House
Clayland Park
Cleveland Circle
Cochran Park
College Park
Commonwealth Park
Como Avenue Horseshoe Courts
Como Lakeside Pavilion
Como Park Ski Center
Como Regional Park
Concord Park
Crocus Hill Terrace Park
Crocus Triangle
Cromwell Square
Crosby Farm Regional Park
Culture Park
Dawson Park
Depot Tot Lot
Desnoyer Park
Dickerman Park
Douglas Park
Dousman Park
Eagle Street Plaza
Eastside Heritage Park
Feronia Square
Forest Street Triangle
Fountain Park
Frogtown Park and Farm
Front Park
Frost Lake Park
Gordon Square
Hamline and Hague Park
Hamline Park
Hamm Memorial Plaza
Hamm Park
Hampden Park
Harriet Island Regional Park
Hendon Triangles
Henry Park
Hidden Falls Regional Park
High Bridge Dog Park
Highland Park
Highwood Hills Park
Highwood Preserve
Hillcrest Knoll Park
Holcombe Circle
Holly Tot Lot
Homecroft Park
Horton Park
Howell Park
Indian Mounds Regional Park
Iris Park
Irvine Park
Kellogg Mall
Kenwood Park
Kidd Park
Landmark Plaza
Lane Place Park
Leroy Triangle
Lewis Park
Lilydale Regional Park
Lockwood Park
Lower Landing Park
Lyton Park
Margaret Park
Maria Avenue Triangle
Marydale Park
Maryland Avenue Open Space
Mattocks Park
May Park
McDonough Park Preserve
McQuillan Park
Mears Park
Mississippi River Gorge Regional Park
Mounds Park
Nathan Hale Park
Newell Park
North High Bridge Park
Oakland Terrace Park
Oakley Square
Parque de Castillo
Pedro Park
Pelham Triangle
Phalen Regional Park
Pig's Eye Regional Park
Point of View Park
Prospect Park
Prospect Terrace Park
Prosperity Heights Park
Prosperity Park
Raspberry Island Regional Park
Raymond Square
Rice Park
Ryan Park
Sackett Park
Shadow Falls Park
Skidmore Park
Stinson Park
Stonebridge Oval
Summit Overlook
Summit Park
Swede Hollow Park
Sydney Triangle
Sylvan Park
Tatum Park
Taylor Park
Terrace Park
Tilden Park
Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary
Upper Landing Park
Valley Park
Van Slyke Triangle
Victoria Park
Wacouta Commons
Walsh Park
Webster Park
Weida Park
Western Sculpture Park
Wheelock Parkway Triangles
Willow Reserve
Xinia Triangle

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