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0 votes
Since I don't use the service of I disabled my whole profile. But why is every Challenge-Checker still using my data? How can I prevent that?
in Miscellaneous by Logging_Duck (120 points)
reopened by Logging_Duck
What do mean by challenge checkers using your data?
Take any name of a geocacher that has blocked his statistics here on PGC. Open any challenge checker (example ) and test with that name. So far, I always got an answer.
That is as it is supposed to be. See my longer separate answer.

2 Answers

+1 vote
To be clear, there are two relevant functions here:

- A user may choose to hide their Profile Stats page from others. This is done under Settings on the Profile Stats page and does exactly that. It does *not* affect whether information about your finds are visible on the rest of the site (top lists, challenge checkers, etc). If you have found the most caches in your country, you will still be listed at the top of that list, and so on.

- A user may opt out from Project-GC entirely (using the link provided by Jakuje in the previous comment). That means that not only is your Profile Stats not visible, but your name won't show up on any other pages. There will be an entry showing that there is a person with so and so many finds (or whatever the page is about) but there will be no name listed. Thus, others will know that someone else has more finds than they do, but they won't know who this person is. Opting out from Project-GC also means what it sounds like. Once you have done that, you can't use any of the features of the site except to opt back in.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (181k points)
"Opt-out" - That was the button, I was looking for. Thanks a lot for quick help.
the "opt-out"-feature doesn't work. My data are still at PGC. Any other suggestions?
–1 vote

You can opt-out here. It also describes all the details. This might help you. But please note, that:

no information shown on Project-GC that can not be publicly found via in one way or another.".

If it does not cover checkers, this should be fixed, I guess.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
The checkers only have access to the same data as any other pages.