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0 votes

On the rescue map, there is a marker with 0 shown instead of 1:

There is a mission on the marker..

in Miscellaneous by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
recategorized by magma1447 (Admin)
Oh i see, the marker shows the age (in days) of the mission. Shouldn't it show the number of missions instead?

(just like the blue marker in the top right corner that shows three missions in the cluster)
The red marker is a mission marker. The blue "marker" is a circle and therefore a "cluster" of markers. You can expand it by clicking it.

1 Answer

+1 vote
Each marker is a mission, clusters shows how many missions there are in that area.

When looking on individual missions you will get the age of the mission.
by rjensennet (410 points)
Looks like the number on the individual (not cluster circle) marker is now for number of logs posted against that TB from project-GC users NOT number of dys active as previously answered. The map display has a description to that effect now..