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in Miscellaneous by -DOLFINANDO- (3.1k points)

2 Answers

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I have updated my script for checking polygons with the required data for the florida challenge. I also extended the functionality to handle the special cases with multiple areas on one page a little nicer and fixed a bug when an area had multiple polygons.

Here is the checker script:
by lillfiluren (Expert) (2.2k points)
selected by -DOLFINANDO-
Thank you! Very nice checker.
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I would expect lillfiluren to fix this one as well. He has a script that aims to solve the Delorme challenges. But many of them have two problems:

  • Special rules that makes them differ from others, like "no events", or "may not use the same cache twice when pages are overlapping". Things like that makes it complicated and a lot more work.
  • Most of them do not have any polygon data. There is no delorme-book into the Project-GC-servers, so that issue has to be solved as well in some way.

But I would expect this to be solved with time, but there probably are a few hours of work per Delorme challenge that has special rules.

by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
When I do it right, it is probably not a few hours, more like 30 minutes, the problem is that I forget how to do it right. This time I think I will document somewhere. I'll take it as a challenge to set up a new delorme challenge in less than an hour (if the rules are not too weird).
OK, it took a little over an hour... link in separate answer.