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+2 votes
On the former TB-rescue site the map had two different icons. a red cross the other an "emergency vehicle" light beacon. The latter denoted that a rescuer had acknowledged committing (accepted the rescue mission) to go to the GZ. Something similar would be beneficial for those that scan areas beyond their default watch zones.

Another feature I recall was the awarding of points for completed missions to rescuers. Thus a standing list was also provided. Of which a standing list has been developed under the statistics tab on this site.

Back to the first paragraph topic... I also recall that once the "Blue light" icon was activated if the rescuer did not act/respond within a certain period of time the "mission assignment" to that rescuer would be cancelled. Just can not recall how long though. I would suggest a week to 10-days would be sufficient personally.
in Feature requests by KASCAN (150 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes

I personally see it as counter productive that someone "claims" the rescue. It's in my opinion better that a mission seems as available as the next.

However, we have added the following in the description which is pretty much the same thing as your paragraph 1, but less visible.

If you plan to visit a geocache to look for a trackable, we suggest that you write a note in the rescue missions log book to show others of your intent. Once you have checked the geocache, log either a DNF or a Found to show your results.

Markers which seem claimed would get much lesser clicks, which as I see it is just a downside.

But keep the discussion going, we are looking for input, maybe we are wrong. I believe it also will be easier to decide when the system has been running for a while and one can see how it's used.

PS! The numbers on the markers have been changed from the age in days of the mission, to number of logs on the mission.

by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)
Ganja1447, I understand your position. Of course, the vision of what this feature is or will develop too on Project-GC versus that of the now defunct TB-Rescue may differ. I can not speak or assume what Sasha in Germany had in mind.

Like the change of the marker numbers. More pertinent and will alert viewer to log of impending visit try or info of interest.

As for "info of interest" mission log... I have posted a note after reviewing cache logs to help validate a possible visit by myself or some personal operatives in close proximity that could render aid. I have learned that many times a cache log reveals that the TB is no longer there. Most GZ visitors are not so inclined to post a separate "DNF" log as it were to the TB log. I have also learned that many TB owners do not consider checking cache logs for clues to their TB's status.  

Now this comes to mind... Is the TB owner email/alerted to a mission log post? This might be of some value based on the aforementioned paragraph regarding a note post. The TB owner may decide to cancel the mission based on this type of information. Normally, I post such notes to TB page of which I have not done so yet since I posted to the mission site. Did not wish to duplicate messages on two different websites.
The mission owner (which should be the same as the TB owner) will get an email for every log posted at Project-GC on the mission. It's not very well tested, so if that doesn't seem to be the case, we are interested to hear about it. But I posted a note on a rescue mission today, and the mission owner responded within 1 hour. I assume that proves that it works.

I personally believe you are being helpful when posting notes on the rescue mission when there is information to be shared. I believe it's better suited on the rescue mission than on the trackable page at

The downside is that it's less likely that someone will actually go check the geocache for it. I would be more reluctant at least. I rather go check for a trackable that I believe is there, than one that most likely isn't. But with time, I guess someone will. Regardless it's very likely that it's gone anyway.

I also believe that since this is quite new now, owners of trackables have added missions for trackables which they are quite sure are gone. They want to test the system, and maybe increase the site stats, and their own. With time, I assume this will be a lesser problem.

I hope I didn't miss answering any questions, I only saw one, the rest felt more like statements and a discussion (which is certainly fine).

As a side-note. We have had some contact with Sasha as well. Before we had our first version out, he gave us some basic thoughts. We had actually already thought about it all, but he really tried to be helpful. Much appreciated from our side, and I assume the community is thankful for it as well.
ganja1447... thanks for the reply and discussion! Wow missions have doubled since I last looked yesterday! Seems there is one in UK that my "Agency operative" might be able to render aid. As for my "Agency" it is all for fun and role play. We have a facebook page that functions like a "News" outlet... with some embellishment at times. "News stories" are based on the "assets" (TB or geokret) logs or lack of and photos provided. Have liked you FB page and shared recent rescue story to our FB page. One side is Police aircraft that are dispatched the other is reconnaissance troopers on patrol. The rescue missions are a good feeder for either to use as objectives in the role play when holders are interested. Thanks again for keeping the rescue side alive.