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0 votes
Importing from (groundspeaks) bookmark list is an great feature and there I can see all my bookmark lists while e.g. at filtering against (my) bookmark lists I only see public ones, but this might be another case or an bug.

In combination with "export to bookmark list" (where also any of my bookmark lists are available for me) an extend to that feature "only filtered" could be a great feature that you can move selections from one vgps to another vgps easily or merge vpgs. this would make planning tours much more easier.
in Feature requests by itsbrody (2.3k points)

1 Answer

+2 votes

We are considering to change the exports to be from those filtered only, with a warning to remove the filter before exporting if that isn't what the user wants.

You can however create a new VGPS from a filtered VGPS, though it's not visible in the UI. But here is a solution:

  • Choose the source VGPS
  • Make your filter
  • Drag the mouse pointer from the first gccode to the last, so that all gccodes are selected. If there are many of them, just mark a few, scroll down to the last, hold down the shift key and click after the last one. This will mark them all.
  • Press ctrl-c to copy the gccodes, on windows. Other operating systems may differ.
  • Create a new VGPS, in the form when creating, paste your content (ctrl-v) into the GC-Codes input box. As an alternative they can also be added into existing VGPSes by using the plus sign in the footer of the VGPS table, and pasting the gccodes in there instead.
We do understand the need of an easier way though, and we might get there. The advantage of using and understanding this procedure, is that it's much more flexible in many ways.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
Thanks a lot ganja1447 for that cool hint I wasn't aware of.

On PC I checked this and it works, but on my tablet I'm not successful. Further this workaround seems not to work, when the VGPS is grouped!!

Your plans would be a great help on any device.
Any news on implementing this feature in the meantime, because I'm mostly working on my tablet. I miss it!
I realize a year has passed, but no, we haven't gotten that far. To be honest, we have almost endless of ideas we would like to work on and implement, but we are lacking time and resources.