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Adding new TB rescue zone not possible on iPad

+1 vote
When using my iPad and trying to add a new zone to tbrescue I get the fly out form. However when I try to click the field to type in the name or any of the other fields then the underlying map updates/moves/interacts.

The result is I cannot modify the zones on my iPad. It works on desktop PC running Firefox. On iPad I'm using Safari. iOS 9.2.1 iPad Air.
asked Feb 15, 2016 in Bug reports by ShammyLevva (Expert) (8,260 points)
I can confirm this problem on my Ipad as well. (It works right in Safari on a Mac, though.)
goes have a mobile website? if so, have you tried requesting the desktop version of the website to see if it then works?
Err no, sorry. This is down to a bug in presentation not mobile site vs desktop, I specifically avoid using mobile versions of any website. In this case its easy as there isn't a mobile version.

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