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–1 vote
When there is new TB around, I got a mail with link, for example this one:

The page loads, but the actual TB is not highlighted or anyhow marked. Also the clicking on the one bug or any other and clicking on "Rescue Mission" does not cause any action.
in Bug reports by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
This seems to be an ongoing issue. Evidently still very much in testing stage, I usually find its best to leave it and come back in a few hours.
I know well. But it is few weeks (?) since I tried that, when the first email arrived. The issue is still unnoticed so I put it here to keep a track of it. Please, move change your "answer" to comment so it is obvious it is still not resolved.

2 Answers

+1 vote
The links only work if the mission is still active, we will remake that process a bit. It's written down as one of the changes required.

The link will most likely change to /Tools/TBRescue?id=541 when it's fixed.
by magma1447 (Admin) (228k points)
Did you fix it in the meantime? I discover same with Chrome Browser.
I am sorry to say that it has been down-prioritized/forgotten. But it is written in our very long todo-list, so it will be done sooner or later.
Down-priorized is nice speech; thanks for that update.

How then,  knowing that issue, is it possible to use that feature, when a notification mail have arrived. I guess that having retreived such a mail has an active research order as background, I'm right?
0 votes
Same to me with and others. It seems to be a Problem with Firefox. There is no way to get the mission on screen. only the map.

I tryed it with Internetexplorer and there it works. But the Text was to much on the right and the Text was cut off.
by bajjab (170 points)
I changed the link to and then it works well with Firefox.