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I am not sure, if the question was asked already:

I want to watch a defined region. I would like to get an email, if a new Cache (maybe even only selected types) is published (or "detected by PGC") in that region.

I don't want to hunt FTF's with this method. I just want to have a "backup" solution to the publish-emails from

(Reason: a friend of me has placed a new cache, and it got published without a publish notification (i have the region covered in my publish notifiers and other cachers in the region did not get a notifiction, too) plus, the cache has not been in my GPX, that gets the newest caches in that region in the last 7 days.)

So i would like to have another tool to be noticed of new caches in my region.

I would like it to be similar to the rescue map zones..

Is that possible?
in Feature requests by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
The reason it was not in the gpx that i assume comes from a pq. The reason the cache was not in the pq is that the last week option is for place/hidden date not publish date. If the cache was created more then a week before it was publish the cach will not be in the pq. That is if the CO did not change the hidden date

I use 3 pq for new caches split in micro trad, other sized trads and other types. Ad for the last month( hidden date)

If you use GSAK you can fetch caches by publish date in 30 day periods with the get cached function. I fetch all caches publish in Sweden in the last 30 days. Light query and flag all new caches. And then do a full update for flaged cahes.
I often fetch for the last 5 days. If you do that often enough all caches will be downloaded
You may be right, the hidden date was march 3rd. But there hasn't been a publish mail, the logs show..
Groundspeek don't trust the notifikation that much. There is a warning when you create them
"Please note: This is not a substitution for searching the web site. You may miss some logs due to site maintenance, bugs, or lunar eclipses. As the first one to know you may know too soon. So consider yourself forewarned."
So mail are note always send.
I have nothing to do with new features on pgc the post was only a explanation of the PQ and how you can "fix" it in GSAK
And i have obvious nothing to do with groundspeek notification. If i had it would be possible to get notification for all cache types with on notification
Yes i know that you have nothing to o with groundspeek. I just wanted to point out, that there hasn't been a notification.
And i appreciate your explanation of your work with GSAK. thank you. I do not use GSAK, but your description may be helpful for other users who use it.

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I have this problem quite often for cache placed that I prepare in phases. First visit for coordinate then making a good page, then verifying the coordinates and description at the place. It could takes one or more weeks between start and publication.

It's just matter of doing a search/select/filter on 'hidden date' in place of 'published date' or a mix with OR to be sure

Note that the hidden date could be changed after publication when you see that it didn't appear in the weekly update from I did in the past when not having my own check list before requesting publication.
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)