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I'm not a very technically minded person so I'd like a checklist of how/where/what I should check before requesting a checker. Moleman did give an basic example of what. If he or another could flesh that out so I don't end up annoying people I'd be grateful.
in Miscellaneous by Charlie_Towlson (470 points)

2 Answers

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I would recommend that you install the browser plugin
That will display checkers on the cache page and it is easy do see if one exist

Else you can search for the GC code here to look if a checker already exist. It will also be displayed on the maps with pass/fail icon.

The last page to search is this support forum look for the gc code and you may found old questions and responds why i checker is impossible.

If you don't find a checker and don't find a reason that is is impossible feel free to ask for one.
use the following line as the question
Checker request: GC code challeng name
Checker request: GC4EH58 Die Zwillings Challenge

and a link to the challenge in the text like
It can be copied fromt the down arrow right of the gc code on the cache page is prefererad.

And include a short description of the challenge so it is easy to se what challenge it is and if the will be many comments it is easy to recall the checker.
Look at the link lik below it is a good request but i would change the link to the short link.

Don't forget to set the category checker request when you ask the question
in the tags filed start to write challenge and select the "challenge-checker" alternative.

You will probably have a quick answer if it can be tagged directly or if it is impossible to create.
If it is possible but need a new script it is quite likely that you done get a respons.
If not script writer feel like writing a checker there is often no response.
I often write a commen if it is possible but is is hard to write and therefore not likely to be created
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Charlie_Towlson
Thank you both for your answers, turns out there is checkers for the specific ones I wanted, much obliged.
+2 votes
First go to the page and search for the challenge checker by their GCcode. If the checker already exists, you can use it.

If there is no checker for this challenge you can put the request for the challenge in this forum, in the section 'checker requests'. Please put either the GCcode of the challenge and the challenge rules translated in english.

If the checker is doable, probably someone will make it shortly. Otherwise someone will write the reply that the checker is impossible to do. Hopelessly many challenges are impossible to check by machine. I.e. something as "found 10 caches with name of some mountain in the title".
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)