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+6 votes
Would be great to have a checker for the following challenge:
In a same day, find X caches of different sizes and placed by different owners.

Example (In French):
Défi/Challenge...6 Différents types de contenants

The result list of the X caches should provide:
- The date of the found
- The GC Code of the cache
- The name of the cache
- The size of the cache
- The name of the owner

Here, we could have a tag to specify the X value.

Thank you !
in Miscellaneous by OusKonNé & Cétyla (340 points)
edited by OusKonNé & Cétyla

1 Answer

–1 vote
This should be quite easy to modify checker X types from Y owners (by Target.)

to X sizes from Y owners. You can try to communicate it with him, or again, I can try to make some abstraction (but it slowly going to be abstraction of abstraction) or modification. Depending on author.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
Good idea! Thank you Jakuje for your answer!
My script can be easy modified to sizes. but it is not designed to check for in a day.
But when I look at the challenge there looks like you need one log on each listed size from different owners. My checker cant do that. I check for X types for each owner and a total of X*Y caches need to be logged

You have to use a owner on the correct size else you get false negative.
I think the script in the link below could be modified to check for that parameter and in a day