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Hi guys. Some time ago I tried living without Java and and took it off my system.I have since reinstalled it and it is working fine, but I may have disabled other things in the process, as I have not been able to restore my PGC maps - none of them work. Just a grey square with the navigation cluster. Problem only occurs in Firefox (I did not diable anything in my other browsers). Coupled with this is that Solved Mysteries select all checkbox and Add button are also non-functional.

In Livemap, as well as the map, all the sidebar icons are missing.

Does the map use any library (I suspect it does not use Java) that I may have turned off?
I tried reinstalling firefox but it kept all my settings (grrrr)
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Clear the cache? Really? I started a private window - Map works! Cleared the cache and restarted - Works!
Thanks, Target :-)   :-)

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PGC to my knowledge don't use the Java brower plugin at all and have never done. 
But i suspect you men javascript that is used alot on the site. The only connection between them i the name

First clear the browser cache an test again so that is not the problem.

Look at 
and search for javascript any non standard value could be the problem
Or you have have installed some addon like noscript that bocks the java script on the page. Try to disable all addons and try again.

EDIT: posted as answer because it worked

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
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