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Just throwing it out there. I own GC4EE4F and cachers have inquiried about a checker.

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This challenge cache requires you to do a little traveling to find thirty caches. There are several challenges out there where you have to find three caches by the same owner that have to be three different icons. This challenge puts a new spin on it. For this challenge, icons do not matter. You can find three traditional caches all by the same owner. The only thing is, they must be in three different states, provinces, ex cetera.  Your list should have thirty different caches by ten different owners (3 times 10).
asked Mar 24, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Boreal Walker (120 points)
Assuming by "state, provinces etc." you are happy with using Groundspeak's definition of a state (aka Region) then this should be fairly easy. It's a case of checking each owners cache someone has found to ensure they have at least three regions per cache owner and at least 10 owners that satisfy that condition.

2 Answers

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Here's a checker

Please check if this is what you require

answered Mar 24, 2016 by vogelbird (Expert) (51,090 points)
Might be an ide to to disable that tag. tried with fish2007 and it took 30 seconds.
My takes 1.5 s and validate all in 5 secondes instead of over a minute
Maby i should generalize mine if others on the same checker is as slow.
It won as competent as the one you used but a lot faster
I'll disable mine, you're output and time is much better.

Only one remark, I don't know if own caches are allowed in  the challenge
Look at (MaxB on the water) as exaple.
I see no limitation on that on the challenge. I looked at tow of them and they both were adopted and they usually are ok finds.
There is no event limitation either and those you log yourself,
+1 vote
Fun one to write. Created a new script when i had forgot the one vogelbird used.
But this has the output as asked for by the challenge
answered Mar 24, 2016 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
Sweet.  Thank you very much for doing that.  It works great.
Hmm... It's coming up as "This checker script is disabled"
my mistake fixed
It was not my mistake but pgc disable it because challenges has to have challenge in the name.
That challenge is published after that requirement and is there fore not a challenge.
It is then a myst with  ALR(additional logging requirements) and they are noll allowed even for old caches and can be ignores. So i would consider it a myst located at the coordinates that is ok when the log is signed.
I am not 100% of those rules but 90%

When the CO is the one that asked for at checker i would recommend to add the word challenge to the title. It would the be easier to find and i would be considered a challenge cache..
Write a reply the this thread and i will enable the tag
I have gone in and updated the title of the cache to include the word challenge.