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+4 votes
in Feature requests by -DOLFINANDO- (3.1k points)
Nice idea! Would be interested in that info as well.
Max is 3 loops since one of the early months only has three still active caches - Potters Pond in Utah, Beverly in Illinios and oddly the one I found in Georgia that I cant remember the name to....
Those 3 are available in the US. I found those and maybe one day I can get to Sweden and find the one there to get to Quadruple Jasmer. It is possible for some old timers to have found some other caches published on that month that are now archived. It would be nice to easily see who has accomplished the feat.
This would have been very useful the other day.
I'd love to see this too.  I'm just starting to work on my double Jasmer.
There is lots of activity on those 4 August 2000 Caches.  What do we need to float this to the top?
I don't know but would like to see it done one day. I Just completed the quad last month.
As this is part of badgen now can we get this implemented?

1 Answer

+2 votes

Currently there is a possibility to acquire a quadruple Jasmer. The limitation is August 2000 as only 4 exist in the world: 3 in the United States and another in Sweden. I have completed a quad Jasmer but now I'm curious as to who else is part of this club? This request would certainly answer my question.

See this Official Geocaching Blog post about The Jasmer Challenge and the remaining 4 August 2000 caches.

by Papa EGTH (190 points)