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Favourite Badge on Badge-Gen

+10 votes
Many of Project-GC users are fond of the Badge-Gen Feature in the Profile Statistics.

Which Badge in the Badge-Gen is the one that you would most like to earn? How far off that target are you?
asked Apr 6, 2016 in Miscellaneous by Potatonator (10,790 points)

41 Answers

+3 votes
Le badge des profondeurs. Je ne vois pas trop comment la gagnner a plus   de 400m sous terre ... ou bien le badge des cache web cam je n'en ai pas trouvé
answered Apr 6, 2016 by Chup'a (11,150 points)
In germany there is a cache at the altitude -201 m. It's an old surface mining (exploitation à ciel ouvert).
And in israel there are three caches below -400 m at the dead sea (see



But not below sea level...
+6 votes

The Adventurous Cacher and The Rugged Cacher

Those are my nightmares... I don't like climbing trees or any other simmilar objects... I just don't want to hurt myself :-)

answered Apr 6, 2016 by Miszczus (2,580 points)
+5 votes

I like most the Travelling Cacher and the Long-Distance Cacher, because I love travelling. So far I found caches in 13 countries, so 22 are missing for the diamond badge. For the Long-Distance I already got the emerald badge.

answered Apr 6, 2016 by tadaima (12,450 points)
35 countries must be a real nightmare for a US citizen. Quite a lot easier for Europeans.
Easier for an American than an Australian, but I've managed to get to 18 so far, 12 of them in Europe.
Go on a Caribbean cruise! I've counted, and there are something like 40+ countries in North America using the geocaching definitions.
+5 votes
I probably have two: The Photogenic Cacher (I like webcam caches) and The Environmental Cacher (I like CITOs).

I should be able to get the top CITO badge by the end of this year. Webcams will take a lot longer.
answered Apr 6, 2016 by Paperballpark (11,490 points)
Unfortunately webcam caches have become an endangered species in the meantime. It's really a pity that new webcam caches are not allowed any more! I like them, too.
+3 votes
One badge that I am quite fond of is the very first badge that I earned on my very first cache - "Long Distance Cacher". My first cache (well first 34 actually) were all in Australia (I live in the UK) meaning that I got the diamond badge instantly. My son is not happy about this as he hasn't been Australia yet and I have a good excuse to go back.
answered Apr 6, 2016 by Sir Tiberian (1,250 points)
+4 votes

My best is The FTF Addict (Emerald) but my favourite is The Rugged Cacher (but I've got only Bronze)


answered Apr 6, 2016 by urriellu (640 points)
+4 votes
My BadgeGen No.1 is The Favorite cacher.
Unfortunately, I have only 75 points scored Gold
answered Apr 7, 2016 by Minos2003 (4,760 points)
edited Apr 7, 2016 by Minos2003
I have got the diamond for this and it is probably one of my favourites. :)
+2 votes
From my point of view there are a few quite cool Badges.

Right now my favourits are the two "The-Head-In-The .... (Cloud and Ground)" Badges. Actually we got just one of them. But the challenge for us is to get the same "level" in the other part as well :)
answered Apr 11, 2016 by geoGRAV (6,840 points)
+3 votes
I don't have a really favourite one. My target is to reach as many diamond status as possible. I've been geocaching for about 9 years and so with this I can give me always a new challenge to reach a goal. But to be honest there's one I prefer a little bit more than others: the travelling geocacher, because I really like to travel to destinations all over the World.
answered Apr 11, 2016 by Turako (1,110 points)
+3 votes

I like the Country-Badges and the  Long-Distance Cacher-Badge.

Because i like traveling. But unfortunately I started to late with geocaching. :(

answered Apr 11, 2016 by Kodo-Jano (2,430 points)
edited Apr 18, 2016 by Kodo-Jano
+1 vote
The idea of the badges is great and a big motor to go on.

My favorite one is the Favorite Cacher, cause it´s not in your hand :-) - You have to hide good caches to earn it and to get the Diamond badge its a long way.

answered Apr 12, 2016 by Spasskaiser (680 points)
so long way !!! i thing to
I've got the diamond one, but it's taken a long time! I agree, it is good that it is other cachers 'rewarding' you that gives you that badge
+2 votes
Several come to mind:

The FTF addict: 'cause it's full of adrenaline (living in a town with other FTF junkies).
The Head-in-the-clouds-Award: obvious when you're Dutch.
The Matrix Cacher: especially when you haven't reached 81 yet. Now that I'm at 4x81, I'm glad the badges nowadays contain 'loop indicators'. Makes it more durable in a way.
The Diverse Cacher: brings back memories from a once-and-only-once caching day.
The Rugged Cacher: I found my first T5 after about 500 caches, and whaddaya know? Already at 92 now. T5's rule!
answered Apr 12, 2016 by Vooruit! (1,080 points)
+1 vote
I really enjoy the badge-gen page.  I shows statistics in a different manner than pie charts, bar graphs, and grids.  My most desired badge will be to complete at least five (5) or more Difficulty 5/ Terrain 5 caches.  I am working on several challenges that will help me to complete at least two or three (5/5) caches.
answered Apr 24, 2016 by Go-pher-It (1,000 points)
+2 votes
There is not really one badge that is specifically my favourite. In saying that I do really like looking at the badges and progress towards the next level, it definitely saves a little bit of tracking for myself.

The badges I am really working towards at the moment is moving the currant platinum badges up to Gemstone badges. Including "The Traditional Cacher" (1108 to go) "The Mysterious Cacher" (69 to go) "The Cache Owner" (7 to go) and "The Geocacher" (294 to go).
answered Apr 24, 2016 by OrionJ (510 points)
+1 vote

I like the Diamond badges the most! I have got still a long way to some of them, but Calendar and Matrix are already in my inventory :)

The most devotion to Geocaching certainly shows The Caching Veteran (so far only Ruby after 10 years), but also The Favorite Cacher is valuable one, showing how nice caches one does :)

answered Apr 24, 2016 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
+2 votes
I failed the diamond level on the distance badge by short and would like to get it one day.

I also have a very good altitude but need some more work to go even higher.

I have tried several times to reach over 200 caches in a day and hope to do a D400 one day, but currently failed at 191 at best.

But actually, i'd like to have them all!
answered Apr 26, 2016 by Arnaudd (1,560 points)
They're like Pokemon - gotta catch 'em all
+6 votes
Best answer

Hello out there,

in my opinion there are useful badges, as well as there are worthless ones.

Take the badges concernig the size of a GeoCache for example. What sense does it make to achieve a Diamond-Status when collecting only small GeoCaches? I have achieved Bronze-Status only by finding four large-sized caches. And to be honest, two of them were actually rather regular sized.

Then I achieved Ruby-Status with 'The Author'. But that was per accident, because I like to express myself when finding a GeoCache worth to be commented in a positive way. When finding a dull GeoCache, I just don't find the words. Nevertheless there are GeoCachers publishing a Found-Log as follows: 'Today we went on a geocaching-trip. Cacher A, Cacher B, Cacher C were with me. We first found GeoCache A, then went to GeoCache B and finally found GeoCache C. And so on..., blah, blah, blah...' This is not worth to be rewarded at all, but many words make you obtain a high score in 'The Author' badge. 

The fact that I am most proud of is, that I achieved Platinum-Status in 'The Favorite Cacher'. That shows other GeoCachers really appreciate my work. And there is little one can do to get higher rated, except for publishing more high-quality GeoCaches. Otherwise one only can wait, points to come in. This is one of my favourite badges for sure.

My second favourite is the 'The Travelling Cacher'. Here I am about 30 years too late, as I travelled about 25 countries in the 90's. Now I have Gold-Status for having visited GeoCaches in five different countries. But coming from Belgium I haven't cached neither in the Netherlands, nor in Luxemburg, which both isn't more than 80km away from my place. So I'm looking forward to achieve the next level quite soon.

My third favourite is, of course 'The Calendar Cacher' . Here continuity in GeoCaching is expressed in the best way. As I have no status here at all, this is the thing do in the following years.

Kind regards, Gubemax.

answered Apr 30, 2016 by Gubemax (1,550 points)
selected Sep 11, 2017 by Potatonator
Good answer.
+2 votes
The Favourite cacher !!!! To see how other cacher evaluate a, whether you do a good job.

Since greeted Belgium

answered Apr 30, 2016 by Minos2003 (4,760 points)
+1 vote

I like the letterbox badge, as we already have a gemstone (Sapphire), but I want more gemstone badges.

Badgegen is my favourite part of the stats!

answered May 1, 2016 by Moore4us (4,500 points)
+3 votes
My favorite is the night-owl.... ;-)
answered May 3, 2016 by K(r)uschelBär (440 points)