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+2 votes
I adopted a Cache but after statistic update - i can't find it in my Cache hide statistic.

Or is that only for Caches that I personell placed?
closed with the note: after the self support it is working now :D
in Support and help by The Soldier (240 points)
closed by The Soldier

2 Answers

+7 votes
Best answer
They are counted in hide statistiks. I would guess that the problem is that PGC has not detected the change in cache owner
If you search for the cache in the dashboard it will show the owner and i guess it has not changed.
Use the Support/Self-support/refresh with the gc code to refresh the cache.
When it is done the dashboard will show you as the owner and the stats will be correct after next update
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by The Soldier
I started the self Support...
I will See if this refresh helps.

Thank you for you fast answer!
I think it works, now.
But I have to wait for the next update.

If we are right, i will close this question.
+1 vote
personellement, j'ai adopté des caches qui ont mis plusieurs jours a étre comptabilisées mais project gc les a ajouté correctement aprés une semaine ! je pense qu'il faut juste attendre .
by Chup'a (11.2k points)
In english or german please
when i adopte caches, i must attend some days for have my project gc count corectly, about one week and after it's good. i think it must just attend
Thank you for your answer :)