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Der Challenge Checker arbeitet bringt aber kein Ergebnis! Falsche IE einstellungen?

0 votes
Ich habe das Problem das der Challenge Checker zwar arbeitet (Sehe ich an den rotierenden Punkten) doch er bringt kein Ergebnis. Habt ihr eine Idee woran das liegen könnte? Hab ich vielleicht im IE was falsch eingestellt!

Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe.

asked Apr 12, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by DieSechsFragezeichen (170 points)
Which challenge are you trying to run.

I run the checker for different Challenges (i.e. GC5D3F5 - Röthenbachklamm – EarthCache-Challenge (Germany) ) and they worked as they should.

Has you changed something in your IE browser since last time (when you proof the checkers)?

EDIT: That is a statement and question not an answer

Welchen Checker hast Du denn ausprobiert?
Hast Du es mal mit nem anderen Browser probiert?
Manche Checker brauchen auch ne Weile, weil im Hintergrund manchmal einiges gerechnet werden muss...
Ich habe verschiedene Checker versucht! Für diesen Cache z.B.

 Habe nach ca. 30 Min. ohne Ergebnis abgebrochen. So lange kann das doch nicht dauern!?

 Habe verschiedene Exlporer ausprobiert. Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, immer mit dem selben Ergebnis.

1 Answer

0 votes
Ich habe verschiedene Checker versucht! Für diesen Cache z.B.

Habe nach ca. 30 Min. ohne Ergebnis abgebrochen. So lange kann das doch nicht dauern!?

Habe verschiedene Exlporer ausprobiert. Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, immer mit dem selben Ergebnis.
answered Apr 16, 2016 by DieSechsFragezeichen (170 points)
This is my result time in chrome  "Script executed in 2.6 seconds. Peak memory usage: 6,656 kB" on GC5AZ6Y
I tried the same checker with your name and I get no results like you.
Best to write to support because it looks like the name is not recognized by the checkers
I just tried the checker with your username and I get results in 2.3 seconds.

DieSechsFragezeichen does not fulfill challenge Vorsicht: Spielende Zahlen! Challenge! (Teil 046) (GC5AZ6Y) according to

Note that Project-GC has a latency of about 24-36 hours. For more details, read the FAQ.

Show debug output
Script executed in 2.3 seconds. Peak memory usage: 2,048 kB

Script output

2011-06-16: GC21A8W - published by Fritz-aus-Bayern
2011-06-17: GCWND3 - published by 2
2011-06-21: GC1ENYE - published by Beppo Strassenkehrer
2011-06-21: GC1NAK1 - published by tabula.rasa
2011-06-21: GC2H7EV - published by Peter Puffin
2011-06-23: GC1ZBF0 - published by fortwo
2011-06-27: GC112EQ - published by JeeperMTJ.gc
2011-06-28: GC1MCWZ - published by Kanne und Siki
2011-07-09: GC1K8FM - published by Miss Undercover
2011-07-10: GCQM90 - published by ApproV
2011-07-10: GCW8V7 - published by Laogai
2011-08-04: GC1WRE9 - published by geoaware
2011-08-20: GC2BRFR - published by geoawareDE3
2011-08-26: GC1Y33H - published by GC-Knecht
2011-09-02: GCZ2KQ - published by °
2011-12-11: GC2ACG8 - published by tupperman
2012-06-23: GC3G8JC - published by eahmschaugo
2012-08-28: GC359A7 - published by Lewa Nuva
2012-08-29: GC1NXHX - published by Toa Ignika
2012-08-29: GC2T0KM - published by Toa Takanuva
2013-08-21: GC1567R - published by GeoPolizei
2014-07-18: GC3JF1Z - published by Earl Silas
2014-07-19: GC53X82 - published by walpot
2014-08-04: GC3E5V4 - published by UrbanWalker
2014-08-11: GC56ZXQ - published by Sabbelwasser
2014-08-22: GC4116X - published by geoawareDE9
2014-11-01: GC4RWW8 - published by buttnmandl
2015-07-23: GC5YYZT - published by Moe Skeeto
2015-08-29: GC2BTGE - published by OnkelFedja
2015-08-31: GC4E8GV - published by Maxwell-Smart
2015-09-01: GC40PPK - published by Servatius Sebaldus
2015-09-03: GC195XR - published by stash-lab
2015-09-03: GC5EWT4 - published by Susi Sonnenschein
2015-09-03: GC4DQC1 - published by Inspector Fox
2015-09-04: GC4ZPR4 - published by Scherrlock
2015-09-04: GC3RZAP - published by LadyEleanora
2015-09-28: GC4TXBC - published by charlie-chan
2015-10-16: GC10EZN - published by swissgeocache
2015-12-23: GC4H916 - published by erik88l-r
2015-12-23: GC4ZV99 - published by Rukubi
2015-12-24: GC4DDHG - published by Geo-Imp
2015-12-28: GC4PM7H - published by silent observer
2016-01-15: GC38YMR - published by bosko biati
2016-02-29: GC6AEQH - published by Xanthe Terra
2016-03-12: GC65R6V - published by Amy Farrah Fowler
2016-04-16: GC1900N - published by Geo-mix

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