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The Finds tab is the first tab displayed on a user's Profile stats page. Your own tab can be displayed on your geocaching profile using code generated by the Create dynamic image HTML code button. The page gives the number of caches that user has found, followed by information about the user's finds, as follows:

Cumulative finds by month

A typical chart

This is a chart of the number of caches found throughout the course of a year, shown as dashed lines for each year, which should be read against the left hand axis. The cumulative finds are shown in the darker shaded area of the graph, and should be read against the right hand axis.

Finds by month per year

Bar charts showing the number of finds each month in each year, with the number of days caching shown underneath. By default only the current and previous year are shown, but earlier years can be selected.

Some numbers

A list of miscellaneous statistics, generally self explanatory. The nearest and furthest caches, and the distance to the cache centroid, are only shown for your own statistics and hidden to other users for privacy reasons.

Log similarity is an indication of how much your logs differ - a high score means your logs have a lot of repeated content, a low score means they are more diverse.

Bar charts

Various self-explanatory bar charts showing values of the following:

  • Finds by type
  • Finds by size
  • Finds by difficulty rating
  • Finds by terrain rating
  • Average difficulty per year
  • Average terrain per year
  • Finds by month
  • Finds by weekday
  • Finds by year cache placed
  • Finds to current date for each year

Note that size, difficulty and terrain ratings are based on the current value of each cache, and may have changed from when you logged them. The maximum value of each is shown darker.

Way to 81

Details to follow

Caches with most favorite points

Details to follow

Oldest caches found

Details to follow

Highest and lowest elevations

Details to follow

Finds by found date

Details to follow

Finds by hidden month

Details to follow

Finds by owner

Details to follow

Collected attributes

Details to follow