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Friends at Project-GC is a feature for users with a paid membership, it allows a user to add other users as friends. Friends at Project-GC does not have to be mutual, adding a friend does not inform the person of the action. The friend-system could be seen as a bookmark list but for other users instead of geocaches. The main advantage of friends at Project-GC is added features like having the friend highlighted in top lists.

How to add friends

Go to Friends at the main site and click the button that says "Find more friends", choose the user in the list of suggestions and click the button marked "<<" or write the name of the user in the box below the list and click the button marked "<<".

When the user have been added to the list of friends, clicking on the name will bring up the settings for that user. There is an option with a checkbox for "suggest yourself as friend", if this is checked Project-GC makes it more likely that this user will have the user in their suggestions. E.g. if user A adds user B to their friends and have this box checked for user B, it is more likely that user B will have user A in their list of suggestions. The list is based on multiple factors and it will not be shown that the user have suggested the friendship.

To remove a friend, click the user name in the list of friends and then click the trash can-symbol with a red X-button below the list. Remember to click on Save after any changes.