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A Geocache is the hide you are looking for when you are Geocaching, geocaches are hidden by other users. There are several different Geocache types available. Some types are considered to be Virtual and some are Physical, the most common type is the Traditional. Physical Geocaches must have a logbook and a container, a Geocache must follow a set of guidelines for it to be published at[1].

Geocache types

Geocaching HQ lists 16 active cache types and 4 grandfathered cache types at[2] In geocaching "grandfathered" refers to a cache type that is still available to find but not available for creation. Some grandfathered caches have been rewarded to users as a special gift to the community or created as one-shots for celebrations but they still remain grandfathered[3].

Active cache types

  • Traditional
  • Mystery cache (also known as "puzzle cache")
  • Multi-Cache
  • EarthCache
  • Letterbox Hybrid
  • Event Cache
  • Cache In Trash Out Event (also known as CITO)
  • Mega-Event Cache
  • Giga-Event Cache
  • Wherigo™ Cache
  • Geocaching HQ Geocache
  • GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit
  • Adventure Lab Caches
  • Geocaching HQ Celebration
  • Geocachign HQ Block Party
  • Community Celebration Event

Grandfathered cache types

  • Virtual Cache
  • Webcam Cache
  • Project A.P.E. Cache
  • Locationless (Reverse) Cache


  1. Guidelines can be found at
  2. Geocaching HQs list can be found at
  3. More info about Grandfathered geocaches in's Help Center.