The Author

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The Author
General data
Name The Author
Bronze 30
Silver 40
Gold 50
Platinum 60
Ruby 70
Sapphire 80
Emerald 90
Diamond 100

The Author


Write longer logs to receive a better badge. If the user's Found it logs contain an average of at least 100 words, the user will receive the Diamond. Project-GC has some basic filtering in its word count process, which may affect the count into something the user may not expect. This has been implemented to avoid the most common methods of trying to cheat this badge. Lab caches are not included in the calculation, since they lack logs. The decimals are dropped, so a result of 33.56 words per geocache shows as 33 words in the badge.


The original intent when implementing this badge was obviously to make geocachers write better/longer logs. Sadly some geocachers instead chose to write long irrelevant logs, or even pasting text which had nothing to do with Geocaching. Due to these reasons the possibility to loop this badge was removed with the 4.x release.


No addons available.


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3. The possibility to loop the badge was removed in early 2020 with the 4.x release.